Random Writing 

Poem – Shrinking Away

Poem – Writer

Sample Pages – Novel #2

Poem – Mirror

Query Song Words

Poems – Cliche, Pain & Broken

Poems – Stealing Memories & Chasing Butterflies

Poem – Back to School

Poems – Dear Friend and Scratching Post

Poems – Forgiveness and In Disguise

Poem – Beautiful Blessings

Poem – I Can’t Say Goodbye

Short Story (scene) – Chocolate Cake

Poem – Live Today

Poem – Dangerous World

Poem – Secret Feelings

Short Story – The Reunion (guest post on SAS Fiction)

Poem – Little Boys Should Not Wear White

Short Story – Breaking Up

Short Story – The Day Maggie Combs-Wilson Lost Her Sanity (Or Came To Her Senses)

Poem – Tee-Ball

Short Story – For The Love Of Gail

Short Story – Price of Silence

Poem – Stalking Flies

Short Story (scene) – Venus and Mars

Poem – Captured

Poem – Trapped In Pandora’s Clock

Short Story – Distribution of Assets

Poem – Guide Me

Short Story – Notice Me

Short Story – Two Days With Ismene

Short Story – The Hungry Hiker


Short Story – The Collector

Poem – Quick Thaw

Short Story – Cover of Night

Poem – Now He Wants A Frog

Poem – Burnout

Poem – Nature Frees My Soul

Writing Challenge – In The Morning

Poem – A Sinful Woman

Poem – Healing By Sunset

Poem – Love’s Fool

Poem – Mother’s Day Doh!

Poem – Catch and Release

Poem – Tale of Two Fathers

Poem – Finding Pause

Poem – Peaceful

Poem – Success

Poem – Off the Beaten Path

Poem – Sign of the End of Times

Poem – Changed

Poem – Tomorrow

Poem – Being

Poem – “Leave” Me Be

Poem – New Growth

Poem – Nonconformity

The Way of Weeds

Poem – In Due Time

Poem – Fog and Rainbows

Story – Trouble

Poem – Anniversary

Poem – The Mighty Fall

Poem – Against Odds

Poem – Sunshine Blooms

Poem – Different

Poem – A Moment’s Notice

Poem – Broken

Poem – Spirit Renewed

Poem – Finding Beauty in Death and Life

Poem – Over My Shoulder

Poem – Snowman Haiku

Poem – Sunrise Haiku

Poem – Webs and Wisdom Haiku

Haiku – State of Mind

Haiku – Treading Water

Haiku – TGIF

Haiku – Hope

Haiku – Montezuma Well

Haiku – The Wind

Haiku – In The Water

Haiku – Twisted Tree

Short Story – Down the Road


3 thoughts on “ Random Writing 

  1. crumbl January 28, 2011 / 1:41 PM

    Sorry, I meant first person … said present tense. My bad.

    • jannatwrites January 28, 2011 / 10:50 PM

      First person…present tesne…they were both part of the question/issue I was having, so it’s all good!

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