Writing Prompts 

The following are links to posts I’ve done for writing challenges.  They are all short pieces, most under 300 words.

In the Morning (Posted 3/13/2012 – 3rd place in Trifecta writing challenge)

Lost (Posted3/16/2012)

Lost Innocence (Posted 3/16/2012)

Revival (Posted 3/19/2012)

Duel in the Desert (Posted 3/19/2012)

Subjectivity of Art (Posted 3/23/2012)

Lapse In Absence of Judgment (Posted 3/23/2012)

A Sinful Woman (Posted 3/26/12)

Happy Ending (Posted 3/27/11)

Take Me Away (Posted 4/6/12)

A Story of Cacophony, Soap and Insects (Posted 4/7/12)

Talk of Tombstone (Posted 4/9/12)

Share, And Share Alike (Posted 4/24/12)

The Choice (Posted 4/25/12)

Coming Home (Posted 4/27/12)

Rush Hour (Posted 4/28/12)

Like The Rain (Posted 5/1/12)

Other Plans (Posted 5/3/12)

Love’s Fool (Posted 5/5/12)

Three Truths, One Lie, And Grace (Posted 5/6/12)

Dear Diary (Posted 5/8/12) Part one of Ellie’s story

Mother’s Day Doh! (Posted 5/11/12)

Moms of Boys (Posted 5/12/12)

Trifecta Challenge & Why CIA Doesn’t Employ Children (Posted 5/13/12)

Ellie’s New Reality (Posted 5/15/12) Part two of Ellie’s story

Company (A Trifecta Photo Challenge) (Posted 5/16/12)

The Plan (Posted 5/22/12) Part three of Ellie’s story

Suspicions (Posted 5/30/12) Part four of Ellie’s story

Catch and Release (Posted 6/2/12)

The Full Moon (Posted 6/4/12) Part five of Ellie’s story

Adulthood (Posted 6/8/12)

An Understanding (Posted 6/11/12) Part six of Ellie’s story

Green Grass and Happiness (Posted 6/15/12 – 3rd place in Trifecta community-voted weekend photo challenge)

Through the Motions (Posted 6/18/12) Part seven of Ellie’s story

Book Summary, In 33 Words (Posted 6/22/12)

Ellie In The Middle (Posted 6/25/12) Part eight of Ellie’s story

Prophecy of Three (Posted 6/25/12)

Playing With Fire(Works) (Posted 7/2/12) Part nine of Ellie’s story

Sign of the End of Times (Posted 7/6/12)

In Consideration of Inconsideration (Posted 7/13/12 – 1st Place Trifecta community-voted challenge)

Conclusion – Ellie’s Story (Posted 7/23/12) Last four parts of Ellie’s story

Mystery – Novel’s First Line (Posted 7/27/12)

Context of Normal (Posted 7/30/12)

The Flight (Another Trifecta Challenge) (Posted 8/6/12)

Ice Cream (Posted 8/10/12)

Chameleon (Posted 8/14/12)

Shotgun Wedding (Posted 8/20/12)

Candy or a Kiss? (Posted 8/24/12 – 2nd place in Trifecta community-voted challenge)

Evolution of Organization (Posted 8/27/12)

In Three Words (Posted 8/31/12)

Set Free (Posted 9/3/12)

His Choice (Posted 9/7/12)

First Sight (Posted 9/11/12)

Three (Another Trifecta Challenge) (Posted 9/14/12)

Ample Attitude (Posted 9/17/12)

Global Warming (Posted 9/24/12 – 3rd place in Trifecta writing challenge)

First Kiss (Posted 10/1/12)

On The Count of Three… (Posted 10/12/12)

Now What To Do? (A Trifecta Challenge) (Posted 10/19/12)

Sinister – A Trifecta Challenge (Posted 10/25/12)

The High Price of Status Quo (Posted 10/29/12 – 3rd place in Trifecta writing challenge)

Spellbound (Posted 10/31/12)

Why I Write (Posted 11/2/12)

Truth of Promises (Posted 11/5/12 – 1st place in Trifecta writing challenge)

Probability of Probably Not Grasping Probability Equation (Posted 11/9/12)

Richard and Norma (Trifecta Photo Challenge) (Posted 11/16/12)

Curtain Call (posted 11/27/12)

Revolt Over the Revolting (posted 11/30/12)

Crushed (posted 12/3/12)

Tell Me a Prophecy (posted 12/10/12)

Jingled Bells (posted 12/14/12)

Alternative Healing (posted 12/17/12)

Guilt (posted 12/28/12)

Survival (posted 12/31/12)

Beneath The Crust (posted 1/4/13)

A Child’s Prayer (posted 1/7/13)

Unpinned (posted 1/11/13)

Far From The Tree (posted 1/14/13)

More (posted 1/18/13)

Personification (posted 1/25/13)

Dead Flowers (posted 1/28/13) Part One of Darlene’s Story

Investigation (posted 2/1/13) Part Two of Darlene’s Story

Unknown Path (Posted 2/4/13) Part Three of Darlene’s Story

Missing (Posted 2/11/13) Part Four of Darlene’s Story

Facing Memories (Posted 2/18/13) Part Five of Darlene’s Story

Hunted or Hunter? (Posted 2/25/13) Part Six of Darlene’s Story

Indecision (Posted 3/4/13) Part Seven of Darlene’s Story

Sticks and Stones (Posted 3/8/13)

Ties That Bind (Posted 3/11/13) Part Eight of Darlene’s Story

Skeletons (Posted 3/18/13)  Part Nine of Darlene’s Story

Truth or Lies (Posted 3/25/13) Part Ten of Darlene’s Story

Roses (Posted 3/29/13)

Rain (Posted 4/1/13) Part Eleven of Darlene’s Story

Advice (Posted 4/5/13)

Neighborhood’s Watch (Posted 4/15/13) Part Twelve of Darlene’s Story

Lost (Posted 4/19/13)

The Key (Posted 4/22/13) Part Thirteen of Darlene’s Story

Life (A Trifecta Challenge) (Posted 4/26/13)

Help Unwanted (Posted 4/29/13) Part Fourteen of Darlene’s Story

Super… Wonderful – Hero (Posted 5/3/13 – tie for 1st place in Trifecta Community-voted challenge)

Bound By Loss (Posted 5/6/13) Part Fifteen of Darlene’s Story

In The Forest (Posted 5/10/13)

In Custody (Posted 5/13/13) Part Sixteen of Darlene’s Story

Shifting Paradigms (Posted 5/17/13)

Dream Chaser (Posted 5/20/13 – tie for 3rd place in Trifecta Community-voted challenge)

Busted! (Posted 5/24/13)

Feed The Cats (Posted 5/27/13) Part Seventeen of Darlene’s Story

Fly (Posted 5/31/13)

In The Bag (Posted 6/3/13) Part Eighteen (and Nineteen) of Darlene’s Story

Idiom Inspired (Posted 6/21/13 – 3rd place in Trifecta writing challenge)

Thieving a Thief (Posted 6/24/13) Part Twenty of Darlene’s Story

Honor (Posted 6/28/13)

Desperate Plan (Posted 7/1/13) Part Twenty-one of Darlene’s Story

Altered Plans (Posted 7/8/13) Part Twenty-two of Darlene’s Story

Writing in Circles (Posted 7/12/13)

Flirting With Death (Posted 7/15/13) Part Twenty-three of Darlene’s Story

Of Frogs and Toads (Posted 7/19/13)

Keepers of Secrets (Posted 7/22/13- 3rd place in Trifecta writing challenge) Part Twenty-four of Darlene’s Story

Nature (Posted 7/26/13 – 2nd place in Trifecta writing challenge)

Closing In (Posted 7/29/13) Part Twenty-five of Darlene’s Story

Going Home (Posted 8/2/13)

Tenuous Ties (Posted 8/5/13) Part Twenty-six of Darlene’s Story

In Retrospect (Posted 8/9/13)

Incognito (Posted 8/12/13) Part Twenty-seven of Darlene’s Story

Spirit Renewed (Posted 8/16/13)

Branded (Posted 8/19/13) Part Twenty-eight of Darlene’s Story

Fairy Tales Are Not Good How-To Guides (Posted 8/23/13)

Dorothy (Posted 08/26/13)

Haiku – Like Trees (Posted 08/30/13)

Dying Grace (Posted 9/2/13) Part Twenty-nine of Darlene’s Story (tie for 1st place in Trifecta Community-voted challenge)

Where Dreams and Water Flow (Posted 9/6/13)

The Truth Hurts (Posted 9/9/13) Part Thirty of Darlene’s Story

Frenemy (Posted 9/13/13)

Faded Rainbows (Posted 9/16/13) Part Thirty-one of Darlene’s Story

1984 – Sixth Grade Do-Over (Posted 9/20/13)

Survival Instinct (Posted 9/23/13) Part Thirty-two of Darlene’s Story

One Direction (Wrong Direction) (Posted 9/27/13)

Crossroads of Independence and Determination (Posted 9/30/13 for Yeah Write)

Life of the Party (Posted 10/1/13 for Speakeasy #129) Voted 3rd place and Editors’ Choice

River Monster (Posted 10/4/13)

Held Captivated (Posted 10/6/13 for Speakeasy #130) Voted 2nd place

Seasons Change, But My Habits Don’t (Posted 10/9/13 for Yeah Write)

The Devil Made Me Do It (Posted 10/11/13)

Obsessively Compulsive (Posted 10/13/13 for Speakeasy #131)

Love Song (Posted 10/14/13) (1st place in Trifecta Community-voted challenge)

Darlene’s Fear (Posted 10/18/13)

Disarming The Phantom (Posted 10/21/13) Part Thirty-three & Part Thirty-four of Darlene’s Story

Prophecy – Speakeasy #132 (Posted 10/22/13 for Speakeasy #131) Editors’ Choice

That Was A Left, Right? (Posted 10/25/13)

Soul Gatherer (Posted 10/28/13 for Speakeasy #133) Voted 2nd place

Marcia Mackle’s Halloween (Posted 10/28/13 for Susanna Leonard Hills Annual Halloweensie Contest)

Survival of the Clickest (Posted 11/1/13)

Revenge (Posted 11/3/13 for Speakeasy #134) Voted 1st place & Editors’ Choice

Too Late (Posted 11/4/13) (1st place in Trifecta Community-voted challenge)

Ruth Remembers (Posted 11/11/13)

Not-So-Brilliant Idea (Posted 11/12/13 for Speakeasy #135)

Catharsis (Posted 11/18/13 for Speakeasy #136) Editors’ Choice

A Boy’s Heart (Posted 11/18/13)

100-Word Song – The Season (Her First Mistake) (Posted 11/20/13)

Hope (Posted 11/22/13)

Granny (Posted 11/24/13 for Speakeasy #137)

Between The Cracks (Posted 12/1/13 for Speakeasy #138)

Pushing Tushes (Posted 12/2/13)

Winter Wonderland (Posted 12/9/13 for  Speakeasy #139) Voted 3rd Place & Editors’ Choice

Melt – Trifecta #107 (Posted 12/9/13)

COMPANY MEMO: (Posted 12/16/13)

For Love (Posted 12/17/13 for Speakeasy #140)

Rise and Fall (Posted 12/29/13 for Speakeasy #142)

Three Word Resolution (Posted 12/30/13)

32nd Day (Posted 1/5/14 for Speakeasy #143) Voted 1st Place

James and Betty (Posted 1/6/14)

Lucy (Posted 1/12/14 for Speakeasy #144)

Chosen (Posted 1/14/14)

Chasing Dawn (Posted 1/19/14 for Speakeasy #145)

The Inevitable (Posted 1/20/14)

2nd Passing (Posted 1/27/14 for Speakeasy #146)

Beyond The Horizon (Posted 1/31/14 for debut Quotespiration challenge)

Nerd’s Revenge (Posted 2/2/14 for Speakeasy #147) Voted 2nd Place

Imagination for Two (Posted 2/6/14 for Quotespiration)

Love Stinks (Posted 2/10/14) (2nd place tie in Trifecta Community-voted challenge)

Promises (Posted 2/10/14 for Speakeasy #148)

Serpent In The Garden (Posted 2/17/14 for Speakeasy #149)

No Regrets? (Posted 2/21/14 for Write on Edge)

He Said/She Said (Posted 2/24/14 for Speakeasy #150) Voted 1st Place

Thin Ice (Posted 2/26/14 for 100 Word Song)

Blurred Line (Posted 3/2/14 for Speakeasy #151)

Staying Alive (Posted 3/10/14 for Speakeasy #152)

By Chance (Posted 3/14/14 for 100 Word Song)

The Family Tree (Posted 3/16/14 for Speakeasy #153) Voted 1st Place

Red Mountain (Posted 3/17/14 for Trifecta)

Unplanned Intentions (Posted 3/23/14 for Speakeasy #154) Voted 2nd Place

Work In Process (Posted 3/24/14 for Trifecta)

Open to Interpretation (Posted 3/31/14 for Speakeasy #155) Voted 2nd Place

In the Stars (Posted 3/31/14 for Gargleblaster #155)

Oh, Lizzy! (Posted 4/6/14 for Gargleblaster #156)

‘Hare’-Raising Adventure (Posted 4/7/14 for Speakeasy #156)

Best Friends (Posted 4/13/14 for Gargleblaster #17)

Metaphorical Winter (Posted 4/14/14 for Speakeasy#157) Voted 1st Place

Fighting (Posted 4/20/14 for Gargleblaster #158)

Second Chance (Posted 4/21/14 for Speakeasy #158)

Deep As You Go (Posted 4/23/14 for 100 Word Song)

Therapy (Posted 4/27/14 for Speakeasy #159)  Voted 3rd Place

The Recruiter (Posted 5/5/14 for Speakeasy #160) Voted 1st Place

Rolling in the Deep (Posted 5/13/14 for Speakeasy #161)

Worry (Posted 5/18/14 for Speakeasy #162)

Til Clicks Do Us Part (Posted 5/26/14 for Speakeasy #163)

Passionate Kisses (Posted 5/28/14 for 100 Word Song)

Liberation (Posted 6/9/14 for Speakeasy #165)

Eye Contact (Posted 6/15/14 for Speakeasy #166) Voted 2nd Place

Writing a Future (Posted 6/23/14 for Speakeasy #167)… A New Future (continuation posted 6/24/14)


2 thoughts on “ Writing Prompts 

  1. Nick Illustrates March 27, 2013 / 3:30 AM

    I started at part 9 and I am now overly compelled to read the rest of the story!

    • jannatwrites March 28, 2013 / 12:11 AM

      I’m glad you’ve found it interesting, Nick. Thanks so much for reading 🙂

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