Metaphorical Winter (Speakeasy #157)

04-14 Snow

Winter seemed reluctant to release its hold.

Shortened days chased by frigid nights stacked for months

on end took their toll. The polar vortex, unexpected and swift, consumed me.

The icy barrier layered around my heart- intended protection-

served double-duty as an impenetrable prison.

Rippling streams of affection had long ago

been solidified into distorted memories. I became unsure if the

flutter of newly-planted love was borrowed or owned. I questioned whether I

had been capable of thriving once, or whether an umbilical

noose had ensnared me from the beginning.

If I poured my concentration into it, I could

have spotted a break in the clouds; a pinpoint of light. Promise.

Future. Hope. If I tried, I could’ve engaged in a leap of faith; grasped the thread;

dared the sun to thaw me. Or, I could’ve watched my chance lead

to my demise, as I unraveled at the seams.

Trapped beneath the permafrost of indecision,

I remained rigid in a self-imposed perpetual winter. I could’ve

focused on the light but instead, I closed my eyes. Cocooned in my loneliness,

I tucked in the fetal position, head rested upon my knees, set to

face fate; indifferent toward death or re-birth.


speakeasy-newThis is my response to the Speakeasy weekly writing prompt which  asks us to write a piece in 750 words or less (mine is 199) (1) using “Winter seemed reluctant to release its hold.” as the first sentence, and (2) make some kind of reference to the  media prompt:  a drawing by Leonardo da Vinci, who also celebrated his birthday in April, entitled Study of a Womb.

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First Snowy Winter

01-08 Snow on leaves

magical wonder

lightly dusts branches and leaves-

Frees youth from worn hearts.

01-08 Snow on trail

I feel like a kid again.  Trust me, at 40, there’s not much that makes me forget my slower step or aging skin, but waking up to a dusting of fresh snow does just that.  This is the first winter in twenty-five years where I have a real chance to wake up to snow.   Watching my sons’ excitement and anticipation for more snow makes it even more fun for me.

My husband, a life-long resident of Phoenix, has never experienced a real winter.  The excitement affects him, too.  He’s been at the window as much as the kids!

I have a feeling snow would cease to be magical when the fallen amount is measured in feet rather than inches.  This is why we still live in Arizona 🙂

I’ll leave you with a photo of our Arizona Snowman, made of twisted wires and lights.  He gathered some snow, but as far as I can tell, he didn’t come to life.  Now that would’ve been a fun blog post!

01-08 Snowman