One Hail of a Weekend!

10-13 Hail1

Monsoon season ends,

with pelting by pea-sized hail-

Nature’s inspired show.

10-13 Hail2

I don’t see hail often, so when I do, I can’t help but watch in awe.  The pinging of the ice pellets on our rain gutters had an almost musical effect.  The show lasted for about ten minutes and it was amazing- though I didn’t ask for an encore, because I know the damage it can cause!

A few years ago, a hailstorm hit Scottsdale.  I watched helplessly from inside my office building while my car was pelted for several minutes, leaving it dimpled like a golf ball.  But this wasn’t my first experience with hail in Arizona…

I don’t remember the exact year now (that’s what happens when you get old 🙂 ) but I figure it was probably 1989 or 1990, because I was in high school.  My parents and I watched from the sliding door as a newly-planted mesquite tree struggled in the heavy winds.  My dad went out to re-tie the stakes in hopes that it would help the tree remain upright.  Then hail came and my dad was still working on it, so I decided to help hold the tree.  Hail might be small, but it sure stings when it hits bare skin!  When the tree was tied good enough, we dashed inside, met by my mom who supported us in her own way:  she took lots of photos.

Even after being rained and hailed on, my hair still stood tall.  Ah, the wonders of White Rain hairspray…

Well, that’s enough about hail.  I’m working on a fiction story written for another of Emilio Pasquale’s photos.  I plan on posting later in the week, so I hope you’ll come back by and check it out.

Have a beautiful week!

The Peace In Passing Time

Something about clouds

Building on the horizon,

Captures my attention,

Stirs anticipation.

Something about rain

Granting a reprieve from sunshine,

Eases my restless mind,

Slows passing time.

09-08 Clouds2

When things get to be too much, I look up and watch the clouds.  I looked up often last week!

I had Saturday night to myself and had intended to spend the time writing.  I did write some, but spent the bulk of my alone time clearing “stuff”.  I removed stacks of clutter from table tops, shredded a pile of papers that had stacked up beside the shredder, pulled some clothes from the closet to donate, and read a few magazines that had been taunting me for months.  I feel better (freer) when I’m not surrounded by clutter.

This is how watching clouds affects my mind.  I tend to worry (read:  obsess over details, no matter how minute.)  Sometimes everything builds up to the point I can’t even make a simple decision.  (I’ve skipped lunch more than once simply because I couldn’t decide what to eat.)  I know, that’s pathetic!  Watching clouds distracts me from the constant noise in my mind… the swirl of  things I need to accomplish or remember, the over-analyzing of things I wish I’d done better, and the odd thoughts and ideas that could be story ideas.

Monday is here whether I’m ready or not (and I don’t think I’m ready.)  Rain is in the forecast, and I’m happy that  clouds will help me transition into the work week.

I hope your Monday is peaceful!


We’re in the middle of a cold front that has sent temperatures plunging.  Here in the desert, we are equipped to deal with scorching heat, not freezing pipes, so four straight days of expected lows around 26 degrees make us shiver in our flip-flops scramble to prepare!

We have citrus trees, morning glories and other tender plants that are sensitive to the frost.  These plants are in the elements; no natural shield from what nature has to offer.  So, we string with lights, cover what we can – anything to provide protection and a chance at life.

01-13 Covered

As I saw yard after yard of covered plants, the thought occurred to me that this is similar to how God covers those who accept His gift of grace.  I imagined God’s love like a blanket over my life.  It gave me a sense of comfort (although my toes are still so cold I cannot feel them.)

Even with the precautions taken, some plants will suffer, some will die.  It is the same with us.  Knowing Jesus doesn’t mean our suffering is over.  But it does give us the strength to arrange the broken pieces into our new self.  I’ve seen it time and again where someone’s suffering has touched others and changed lives.

We didn’t have enough blankets to cover everything, so we did what we could and will hope for the best.  With freeze warnings in effect until Tuesday, it’s likely we’ll have a springtime visit to Home Depot to revive our landscaping.  With God, we don’t have to hope for the best; we get it.  We might be beaten down, tired, ready to give up – but still, we rise.


But the Lord is faithful, and he will strengthen and protect you from the evil one. (2Thessalonians 3:3)

So, do not fear, for I am with you; do not be dismayed, for I am your God.  I will strengthen you and help you; I will uphold you with my righteous right hand. (Isaiah 41:10)  

Have a beautiful Sunday!