Three (Another Trifecta Challenge)

“And the three men

Followed the bright star

All the way to Bethlehem-

That was really far,”

Billy recited, nodding.

“They gave gifts

Of gold, Frankenstein, and more-

The end.”

The eight-year-old grinned.


I was going to sit out this prompt because I’m innundated with Cub Scout stuff that has to be done by next week.  Obviously I’m not good with impulse control or time management, so I wrote an entry anyway 🙂

If you like it, please visit the Trifecta site on Sunday (after 8PM Eastern time) to vote.  If you don’t like my entry, you should still visit the site to vote because I know you’re bound to find something you do like among the entries   The writing prompt given is:

The Rule of Three is a writing principle that asserts that, in writing, groups of three have the most impact. This week’s challenge is to write 33 words using the Rule of Three somewhere among them. It is up to you to interpret the rule, just make sure to use exactly 33 words.

As always, thank you so much for reading.  If you want to try your hand at the challenge, click the tricycle picture above to visit their site for complete instructions.