Through The Fog And Under The Rainbows

Pelting rain from angry clouds-

Slicked pavement grates nerves;

As fog swallows the distance,

Consumes the near future.

02-15 Fog

Saving sun dissolves the shroud-

Reveals two colorful wonders;

Short sight transforms to insight,

Illuminating what was once obscure.

02-15 Rainbow


A few weeks ago, we visited a place with rain.  As we drove in the early morning, we watched the darkness lift, only to have the space around us disappear in the fog.  Driving in the fog can be scary, because, well… we can’t see as much as we’d like to.  (Hmmm… this is kind of like life sometimes!)

It rained all day, but it didn’t ruin our day at all.  We live in a city with an average annual rainfall of about 8 inches.  We normally see so little rain, when it comes, we go play in it! (It’s all about perspective… much the same with life :))  We felt the rain was gift enough, so we were thrilled when we were blessed with the added bonus of witnessing a double rainbow.

I had no idea we’d find Dairy Queen and Western Wear at the end of the rainbow, but I always suspected the pot of gold was just a myth!

Quick – what are you grateful for right now?  What’s the first thing that comes to your mind?