Why Do Businesses Want To Strip Us?

You already know that I am able to pass up retail offers for getting my pants half off.

Driving around a couple weeks ago, I spotted a van for an electric company.  Their slogan ups the offer:

Can this offer be re-fused? (Get it, re "fuse"? Electrical? Never mind...)

Now, I’ve seen my neighbor mowing his lawn shirtless, and, despite my best efforts to avoid it, I’ve caught glimpses of me without clothes.  Trust me, businesses:  you want us to keep ALL of our clothes on.  Think turtle necks and loose fit denim 🙂

Does a chuckle equate to more spending?  Does a catchy slogan make you want to buy a product?  Leave a comment to share your thoughts, but please – keep your shorts on 😉

Head In The Clouds (1)

As a child, I was told more than once to “get my head out of the clouds.”  Of course, those who said it meant that I should quit dreaming and pay attention.  I bet they didn’t know that I would grow up and my eyes would still be on the clouds.

I’ve mentioned before that I love looking at clouds and often see images among the Cumulus and Nimbus clouds.  I thought it would be fun to periodically put an image up for you to share what you see.

Don’t worry – I won’t analyze the results like a Rorschach inkblot test.   And I promise not to share your opinions with any psychological data mining companies (is there even a such thing?)

Have fun!  Come on and play along…leave a comment with what you see in the clouds:

What do you see (besides smog)?

I’ll leave  you with one piece of wisdom.  There is only one problem with keeping your eyes on the clouds…sometimes you miss the rocks in your path.


Maybe it is best to keep your head out of the clouds when your feet are pounding the hiking trail.