Good-Natured Nibbling

08-28 Squirrel Performer
Eyes wide,
Charm dialed high-
Ain’t too proud to




08-28 Bird
Fast feathers
Refuse to linger,
But dine and dash




08-28 Single Elk
Some seek solitude,
And fortitude,
grazing in the

08-28 Elk Group
Or find one another,
Privacy behind cover,
Communing under nature’s



About the photos:

  • Squirrel – this photo was taken at the Grand Canyon.  This little guy, and his troupe of performers, were well-trained in charming (or stealing) food from unsuspecting canyon gawkers.  This squirrel tried pockets and zippers of this unattended backpack before raising on his hind legs as if he was begging.
  • Blue colored bird – I don’t know what kind of bird this is, but there is a pair of them that regularly swoop down into a group of trees in front of our kitchen window.  They have a sixth sense for photography and always manage to fly away before I get a shot.  Well, until this day.  I waited outside for about half an hour and finally caught him picking up a berry or acorn before flying off.  It was worth the dozen mosquito bites.  Really!
  • Single Elk – My husband and I had a discussion about whether this was deer or elk.  He says elk, and he might be right because I don’t think deer are quite as stout, and I’m not sure if deer have the tuft of hair on their neck.
  • Two Elk – These two wouldn’t budge from the shelter of the cluster of aspen trees.  Several of us inched closer to take photos, but we still kept a good thirty feet between us.  Well, there was one idiot brave person that moved closer, but I stayed back.  Getting attacked by elk is not on my bucket list.

Thanks for stopping by!  I hope you have a beautiful Wednesday 🙂


The Mighty Fall


A myth created by the weak;

An excuse for failings.

The oppressed can rise,

The frail find power

In numbers-


Even in an imperfect world,

The mighty fall:

Left to rot away

In self-created demise.

 04-17 Tree


It’s so fun to see what words form as a result of a photo.  For some reason, I get a little sad when I see tree graveyards.  On this day, there were some pretty large trees left here.  When I took the picture, I thought about how even the mighty can fall, and that’s how this poem came about.

I find hope in “David and Goliath”-like stories.  I like the idea that the powerless aren’t destined to always be powerless.  I also like the idea that the powerful can be stripped of it and returned to dwell among the masses. 

Life isn’t always fair, and there isn’t always justice that we see, but I find comfort in knowing that one day wrongs will be judged even if I’m not there to witness it.  Sometimes this is the only way I can cope with the ugliness in the world that leaves me feeling powerless to change it.

I hope you are able to find beauty and encouragement today!

In Due Time

I exposed my soul

For you to see,

I trusted you

To make me free.

I shared my fears,

Set my worries at your feet,

Waited for your guidance-

God, did you hear me?


Child, I’ve heard your prayers,

I know your heart’s concern.

You dwell on silence,

Not my gentle whisper.

Trust that I act for your good,

As God your Savior,

Father in heaven-

In due time, I’ll answer.

Sometimes we have to just find peace in the quiet places,

02-09 Peaceful Places

Look for beauty in the unexpected,

02-09 Unexpected Beauty

Hold on through life’s twists and turns,

02-09 Life's Curves

And trust that our souls will be nourished.02-09 NourishmentCollage

Yes, I’m still dealing with my impatience 🙂  I wrote the poem as an imagined conversation with God, and His response to my continued lack of patience.  One of these days I might get it through my head, right?  I sure hope so!

Have a beautiful Sunday! (It’s not quite Sunday where I live, but I’m posting early, since I haven’t posted all week).

One of Many



I’ll be online a little less over the next couple weeks.  My lack of novel writing is nagging at me and my Christmas gift to myself is to devote some time to it (you know in all the spare time I’m bound to have with family obligations and the kids out of school :)).  I can’t promise l won’t do some reading, maybe even a writing challenge, but I wanted you to know this blog hasn’t been abandoned…it’s just resting.

Do you take blogging breaks?  If so, do you unplug completely? 

Value of Values

I always pause when something happens at just the right time, almost like it was destined to happen at that moment.  Some call it synchronicity, others call it a “sign.”  Whatever you call it, this happened with the Trifecta writing prompt this week.

Just yesterday, the message at church was about not compromising values (using the example of Jeremiah and the Rechabites.)  The Rechabites were offered wine, but stood by their belief that they should not drink alcohol- even when offered it in a public setting, in a culture that viewed drinking wine as normal.

I’m hardly a Rechabite, but I knew right away that I would sit out the Trifecta challenge this week and skip reading others’ contributions.  Why?  The challenge is to celebrate National Erotica Day by writing a piece of erotica. I agree with the reason given:  to stretch our writing and write something we normally wouldn’t.  However, my personal choice is to not stretch my writing in that way.

People I normally read may choose to do this challenge.  I will still read them…just not this week.  I hope they understand and respect my decision.  There’s a chance some may call me closed-minded.  Fine.  I just think there is too much in this world that steals innocence and corrupts hearts.  I cannot in good conscience intentionally contribute to it.

So, instead of a story today, I leave you with a couple of sunset pictures that I took over the weekend.  We drove all over town looking for a cool spot to take some family pictures for our Christmas cards (yes, I still do those :))  We managed to get pictures of us and I was able to sneak in several landscape photos as well.  Perhaps I’ll post more of them soon.

Have a beautiful day!

I love Saguaros at sunset
The Cholla cactus makes for an interesting silhouette as well