Good Enough?

Time to sweep the driveway... again....
Time to sweep the driveway… again….

I swept the driveway earlier this week.  I’d been at it for over an hour, and frankly, was tired of seeing pine needles and leaves.  I looked behind me and noticed some stray leaves that I had missed.  I turned back around and continued sweeping, muttering, “it’s good enough.”

Good enough?  This is unlike me.  When did good enough become good enough?

My entire life, I’ve been an over-achiever.  If I earned an “A” in school, the percent mattered:  90% was barely skating by… almost a “B”.   I can’t remember what it is I needed to buy at Walmart even though I wandered the aisles hoping it would come to me, but I haven’t forgotten that nearly 20 years ago, I was a tenth of a percent away from graduating college Summa Cum Laude.  Magna Cum Laude wasn’t good enough.

I’ve been known to follow up after my kids do their chores because it wasn’t good enough.  I constantly wipe water spots from chrome faucets.  Daily, I wage war against the clutter threatening to overtake my one long counter top.  My plastic storage containers are nested neatly in the cabinet, in spite of the kids’ tendency to haphazardly toss them onto the shelf.

I wonder:  have I accepted that good enough should be embraced rather than shunned?   Maybe I’m finally seeing that perfection is an unattainable illusion.  Maybe I realize that time is a commodity and that “good enough” is an excellent savings plan.

Or, maybe I’m just tired.

Yes, I think this is it.  Many days getting out of bed is a milestone because I didn’t think I could do it.  I’m not so sure my “good enough” attitude is permanent, but if it gets me through the day, well, that’s good enough.


I’m still struggling with keeping up with things I need to do, so writing time is next to none (which frustrates me.)  Just thinking about what I have to do puts me into a state of inaction and procrastination (equally frustrating!)  In my bits  of “spare time” I’ve been slowly catching up on blog reading, though.  My apologies to Emilio – he provided a photo for me to write a story for… in September… and it still isn’t done.  I hope to have something on that soon… but I know better than to promise anything!

Over My Shoulder

Over my shoulder,

Snippets of my past




 Over my shoulder,

A different perspective




First glance , already changing
First glance , already changing
Second glance, colors fading...
Second glance, colors fading…

I’m not one to dwell too long on the past, mostly because it takes my attention away from now, and what lies ahead.  I can’t change what is done, but I can influence this breath, and my next.

Sometimes looking behind can provide insight, and a different perspective.  In the case of this sunset, I hadn’t noticed the brilliant colors at all, until I caught a glimpse in my rearview mirror.  When I looked over my shoulder, I gasped, then pulled the car over (twice- hence the two photos!)  In a sense, I relived the road already traveled, creating a new experience from previously-logged miles.

It didn’t take many peeks before the colors melted into dusk’s horizon, but it was a spectacular view while it lasted.


I’ve got another busy, computerless weekend coming up, so once again, this will my last post until Monday.  We’ll be spending the weekend with my parents, and my kids are sooooo excited!  I hope you all have a beautiful weekend 🙂