Fighting (Gargleblaster #158)

I am


I am


I am


I want to make a


I want to


To thrive, my soul seeks


to be heard.

I need to


Mostly, I am fighting because

I know no other way.


This is my 42-word Gargleblaster challenge, which was to answer the following question:  “Tell me something, old friend: why are you fighting?” (from Gabriel García Márquez in One Hundred Years of Solitude.)  The challenge is open to everyone, but you have to link fast.  The linking grid opens up at Midnight and is open for 24 hours, or until 42 responses are submitted (whichever comes first.)

This week, my inspiration came from a couple places:  I started thinking like cat after watching a few episodes of My Cat From Hell (Jackson Galaxy is great!) but then, my thoughts turned to The Diary of Anne Frank, which I watched last night.  Despite what my heart wanted, I knew the tragic ending, but I went on the journey anyway.  Sometimes humanity makes me so sad.

Best Friends (Gargleblaster #157)

I see her whenever I wear Keds, eat Hawaiian pizza, or glimpse the half-heart charm in my jewelry box with the worn letters:


I wonder if she kept the other half.

“No,” I answer. “I haven’t seen Mary in years.”




gargle157This is my response to the Gargleblaster weekly prompt, which is to write a 42 word answer to this question:  Do you see her much?

While my response is fiction, I am sometimes reminded of friends no longer part of my life.  I know some friendships are just for a season, but they do cross my mind once in a while.  I also owned a “Best Friends” necklace, but it was gold.  I think it’s an ‘eighties’ thing 🙂

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Oh, Lizzy! (Gargleblaster #156)

I spy another lizard sprawled motionless on the tile- sans tail. With a shudder, I prepare a napkin burial. It scurries from my fingertips.

I squeal.

My giggling sons, the obvious suspects… until I discover the culprit waiting for another “toy.”


04-06 Lizzy


gargle156This is my response to the weekly Gargleblaster challenge, which is to answer the following question in exactly 42 words:  Who dunnit?

Not only did we discover Lizzy is our lizard catcher, we also found that we need to do some weatherstripping repairs.  She will sit in this position for hours waiting to play.  Forget the catnip mice- those are for amateurs 🙂

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In The Stars (Gargleblaster at Yeah Write)


of past and future;

burning dreams,

memories lost

commingle in the

 expanse above.

           Even when obscured

        by humanity,

I draw comfort

from centuries

of triumphs and






Celestial reassurance that all was, is, and will be, well.


gargle155This is my response to the first ever Gargleblaster challenge at Yeah Write.  The challenge?  Write a response to the following question in exactly 42 words:  What’s so amazing that keeps us stargazing?

I don’t think  mine is as good as the one given as a sample, but hey, the fun is in playing along!

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Have a beautiful Monday!