2011 Calendar? (check); January Budget? (check); Resolutions? (Not Quite!)

Over the past week, I’ve seen many blog posts dealing with the upcoming New Year.  Most of them are hyping up resolutions, and others are tearing them apart.  My apathy toward resolution-making leaves me in neither camp; I can take them or leave them (though I generally choose to leave them.)

I don’t mean to be a stick in the mud, but I don’t see the big deal about the calendar flipping over to a new year.  In fact, I’ll still be writing ‘2010’ until at least March.  I haven’t felt the need to stay up to see the precise moment midnight rolls around to a new year since…well, way before children.  It’s not like it provides a clean slate, because the only real fresh starts you get are the day you were born and the day you die – everything else is just scribbles on the board of life that will have to be dealt with whether it’s January 1st or September 23rd.

Really, I’m not a negative person (though I’m aware those unconvincing words are usually uttered by those denying who they really are.)  I just see things a little differently, that’s all.  I don’t need champagne, party hats, confetti, or to watch a sparkly ball drop over Times Square to have hope for change in my life.  To be honest, I’m still coming off the holiday high (and I’m planning my son’s birthday party, which is in less than 2 weeks) – the last thing I need is to jump into a change commitment.  That would be like bumping into an old acquaintance and suggesting we “do lunch,” even though I never intended to see her again, much less share a meal with her. 

yummy (evil) Oreos

I don’t make it a habit to set myself up for failure – or make commitments I cannot keep.  I’ve tried the resolution thing before.  One year, I decided I would ditch the sweets (cookies and chocolate, mainly.)  I did well.  For two days.  On the third day, I bought a package of Double Stuff Oreo cookies. 

Poor things didn’t stand a chance; they never saw the second week of January.  Folks, it doesn’t get much lower than that.  (Unless I were the drinking type and had a bottle of coconut rum stashed in the cabinet.)

Now if I naturally had will power and motivation, I might feel differently about resolutions.  Although, I doubt I’d need a resolution then, because I’d already have myself together.  There are areas in my life, such as writing, where I discipline myself.  So, I know for sure that if I want something to change badly enough, I will make it happen on my own terms – not because the calendar says it’s time.

Just so you know that I hold no animosity toward the new calendar year:


Tell me, what’s your view on resolutions?  Do you make them, break them – or fake them?