Deep As You Go (100 Word Song)

The convenience store sat in the middle of nowhere, halfway between my past and future.

“I need cigarettes,” you’d said.

I asked for Cheetos; the puffy kind, not the crunchy ones.

“I’ll see what I can do.”

The car idled. I felt like I’d drown under the July Arizona sun.

You slid into the seat, shifted the Honda in gear, and tossed snacks and cigarettes at me.  Sweat rolled down your sideburns.

“Everything okay, Daddy?”

You checked the rearview mirror but didn’t answer.

Your jawline tensed. Engine revved, dashed white lines blurred.  I knew.

I’d follow deep as you go.


Robot-BadgeThis is my response to Lance’s 100 Word Song.  It’s pretty much what it sounds like:  he provides a song and we write a story in exactly 100 words inspired by that song.  This week, the song is Deep As You Go by October Project.  (Don’t ask me how I got a father-daughter robbery getaway from that song!)

If it sounds like fun, I hope you’ll consider joining in – click the robot image at left to see Lance’s site and his take on the 100 word song.

Have a great Wednesday, all!