At Our Fingertips

In a day, we can find patches of calm that soothe our nerves, put our soul at ease.

We discover a place where our mind and body rest in harmony.

In that place, our hearts soar and nourish our dreams;

At our fingertips, we encounter finite peace.

In the distance, looms another reality.

View from vista on Mogollon Rim
View from vista on Mogollon Rim

I had a post all ready to go today about my migraine-inducing weekend with my younger sons’ sleepover friend, but I decided to pull it, for now.  It was supposed to be funny, but in thinking about it, maybe I wrote it too close to the event…I think it may be too harsh on the kid.  Or maybe not 😛

At any rate, I decided to write something inspired by the date.  The world feels even more uncertain than it did twelve years ago.   Every day, I seek peace in my interactions with friends and strangers.  I don’t like conflict.  It makes me feel all jumbled inside.  In my life, I manage to co-exist with people who are unlike me- people with different backgrounds, those who don’t accept my God, people who eat bratwurst.

I don’t watch the news very much these days.  I find that isolating myself from world events allows me to enjoy my personal peace.  I know that it may be an illusion; that it’s built on unstable ground- but it’s the only way I know to keep anxiety at bay.  I can’t understand how people can exterminate one another.  I can’t fathom hatred for strangers so deep that killing seems a good option.  I can’t grasp why my country tries to take on the role of peacekeeper with brute force.

This is why I find solace among the trees.  Their size makes me feel safe.  They have managed to survive in an uncertain world, and they give me hope that I can do the same.

I appreciate you stopping by to read my ramblings.  May you find peace today, tomorrow, and every day.