Passionate Kissses (100-Word Song)

On the eve of my fortieth birthday, through a wine buzz, I see the myth. If it seems too good to be true, it is. Everyone knows that.

My sweaty hands cradle the phone. My fingers want to dial your number, but my heart won’t let me; she might answer. I throw the phone. The “thud” doesn’t appease my discontent. Even when my heart wins, it loses.

I thought I’d have it all: marriage, career, a someday-family. Instead, I’m broken and alone. I want “us” back; I need your passionate kisses.

Is it too much (or too late) to ask?


This is my response to Lance’s 100-word song challenge, which is to write a 100-word story inspired by Lucinda Williams’ song, Passionate Kisses.  I don’t regularly participate in the challenge, but I appreciate him allowing me to join in when the mood strikes.  If you feel inspired, write your own story and click the robot image above to get to Lance’s site where you can link it up.

For those who regularly read, or might care, I wanted to reiterate that this is fiction – there isn’t anything here taken from my life (already passed 40, don’t drink alcohol, I’ve got kids and a job, and my husband doesn’t have a girlfriend that I’m aware of…)   Since this was on the depressing side, and it will likely be my last post for the week, I wanted to leave you with a smile.  Or at least not completely bummed out 🙂

We like to go on hikes with the kids because it uses up some of their seemingly endless stores of energy.  When they want to go home and take a nap, it’s a good hike. When they lay down on the trail, it’s a great hike!

When they want to go home and take a nap, it's a good hike.  When they lay down on the trail, it's a great hike!
This is Mom’s and Dad’s favorite hike…

Deep As You Go (100 Word Song)

The convenience store sat in the middle of nowhere, halfway between my past and future.

“I need cigarettes,” you’d said.

I asked for Cheetos; the puffy kind, not the crunchy ones.

“I’ll see what I can do.”

The car idled. I felt like I’d drown under the July Arizona sun.

You slid into the seat, shifted the Honda in gear, and tossed snacks and cigarettes at me.  Sweat rolled down your sideburns.

“Everything okay, Daddy?”

You checked the rearview mirror but didn’t answer.

Your jawline tensed. Engine revved, dashed white lines blurred.  I knew.

I’d follow deep as you go.


Robot-BadgeThis is my response to Lance’s 100 Word Song.  It’s pretty much what it sounds like:  he provides a song and we write a story in exactly 100 words inspired by that song.  This week, the song is Deep As You Go by October Project.  (Don’t ask me how I got a father-daughter robbery getaway from that song!)

If it sounds like fun, I hope you’ll consider joining in – click the robot image at left to see Lance’s site and his take on the 100 word song.

Have a great Wednesday, all!

By Chance – 100 Word Song

2012 05-19 Peach Festival28


He dropped some peaches into his cart.  “Shannon.  You look… great.”

An awkward silence swallowed the seconds.

“I’ve missed you,” she said.

“It’s been what?  Two years?”

“Too long.”  She touched his arm.  “I’m sorry I was such a jerk.”

He pulled away.  “It’s in the past.”

“Wanna grab lunch?”

“I found your favorite creamer.”  A woman dropped the bottle in his cart.

Brian cleared his throat.  “Um, Shannon, this is my wife, Christina.”

Shannon gave a weak smile.  “I hope she treats you how I should have.” She turned and headed toward the bakery before tears betrayed her.


This is my response to Lance’s (My Blog Can Beat Up Your Blog) 100-word song writing challenge.  He provides a song on Tuesday, and gives one week for you to link a story.

This week, the song was “When I Was Your Man” by Bruno Mars.  I think it’s a beautiful song.  So heartbreaking to realize too late that you could’ve given more.  If you’re inspired, check it out!

As for my story, I switched it up a little, making the woman the one with regrets (regret doesn’t know gender!)  There were so many more words that wanted to sneak into this story, but when I finally managed to hit the magic 100-word mark, I called it “good enough”!  I hope you enjoy it.

Have a beautiful weekend!

Thin Ice

02-26 Icy Lake

From the middle of the frozen lake, you motion for me to join you.

I shake my head, certain you’re half insane.

You jump up and down.  “See?  It’s safe!”

I close my eyes and listen for cracking ice.  Safety is relative.  I keep my feet on solid ground and camouflage emotions well.  It’s safer this way.

I feel your hand through my coat sleeve and open my eyes.

“Don’t be scared.”

I succumb to persuasion with slippery uncertainty.  Years ago, trust and I parted ways; you are my only exception.

I believe you won’t leave me on thin ice.


This is my take on the 100-Word Challenge hosted by Lance at My Blog Can Beat Up Your Blog.  This week’s song is “The Only Exception” by Paramore.

Anyone can join in, so check out his blog and add a 100-Word piece of your own!

100 Word Song – The Season (Her First Mistake)

12-25 LightsonWater

“Sir?” Ingrid held her cup toward the elderly man.

He halted after he’d passed by, and then shuffled toward her. He leaned down, his face inches from hers. His bushy eyebrows knitted together like one long caterpillar. That’s when she knew she’d made her first mistake. Never hit the same mark twice, Momma had warned.

“Child, last year, you took advantage of my kindness by stealing my wallet.”

Ingrid gulped.

“God forgives and so shall I,” he said before dropping several coins into her cup.

“Bless you,” she called to his back as she tucked his wallet into her skirt.


So, today, I tried something new.  Lance, over at My Blog Can Beat Up Your Blog, has invited me several times in comments to participate in the 100-word song challenge.  I’ve never done it because it is so out of my comfort zone (and I’m a big chicken).  That’s why I decided to try it today.

The song is “Her First Mistake” by Lyle Lovett.  I wasn’t familiar with it so I gave it a listen, and then tried to come up with a different take.  You tell me whether it works or not 🙂

If you’d like to write your own response, post it on your blog and then go to Lance’s blog (linked above) to post your link.  Have fun!