11-22 Clouds

People hope this time of year.

My children hope for snow, wish for Santa’s gifts, and anticipate vacation.

I hope there’s no black ice, wish Santa wasn’t so extravagant, and anticipate school resuming.


TrifectaPicture11-1This is my response to Trifecta’s weekend prompt:

This weekend, writers, it’s up to you. We want you to choose a word and use it three times in your 33 words. However, it must be either a verb, noun or adjective and the form of the word cannot change, it must appear exactly the same three times. Please highlight your chosen word in your piece.


I marvel at how differently my children’s eyes see the world.  It  makes me realize how cynical I’ve become (and also makes me wonder if I was ever really a dreamer in the first place.)

Today, it’s raining, and is expected to rain all day.  The kids are buzzing with excitement as they hope those beads of water transform into flakes of snow.  Snow is pretty to look at, but I’ve never driven in it.  (This is the first time I’ve lived outside the desert of Phoenix since I learned to drive.)  At some point, I suppose I’ll have to venture out.  Maybe by then I can shake the visions of my car crashing into someone’s house because I slid off a turn!

Santa neglects to leave the ‘good’ gifts at our house.  My kids want to know how come their friends got X-Boxes, iPads or laptop computers.  I remind them about some of the Christmas Angel gifts we’ve purchased where the boys asked for clothes.  It’s best they learn now that life isn’t fair.

As much as my children look forward to school breaks, I dread them.  I work from home several days a week and they like to fight.  A lot.  Their fighting  is causing deep frown lines to form on my forehead.  I’m not thrilled about this, but I’m trying to find the bright side:  in a few years, I’ll have the makings of a fabulous Halloween costume 🙂

All my adult sensibilities aside, I do look forward to this time of year.  My children’s enthusiasm exhausts me, but it also infuses me with joy that has been depleted during my encounters with commuter traffic, visits to Costco and evenings spent balancing the checkbook.

I hope you all experience joy and peace on this beautiful Friday!

81 thoughts on “Hope

  1. SuziCate November 22, 2013 / 7:48 AM

    Children have a way of helping us appreciate all the little miracles of life and nature.

    • jannatwrites November 22, 2013 / 8:11 AM

      True, SuziCate… life hasn’t gotten to them yet 🙂

  2. nrhatch November 22, 2013 / 7:58 AM

    Hope springs eternal.

    Perhaps I read the rules wrong, but you’ve used “hope” as a noun first and then as a verb twice. That seems inconsistent with the guidelines.

    • nrhatch November 22, 2013 / 8:01 AM

      Then, again, perhaps they only wanted the spelling to remain the same.

      Good luck dealing with the snow if your kids hopes are realized.

      • jannatwrites November 22, 2013 / 8:08 AM

        I guess it’s a little of a gray area, but I changed it anyway just in case. (I’m not a rebel, I suppose!)

        • nrhatch November 22, 2013 / 8:36 AM

          The guidelines do seem a bit murky this week. It will be interesting to see how others interpret unchanged “form.”

        • jannatwrites November 22, 2013 / 6:02 PM

          Good thing I don’t have to judge 🙂

    • jannatwrites November 22, 2013 / 8:08 AM

      Thanks for pointing that out, Nancy…I tweaked it a little so they are all verbs now 🙂

  3. Kir Piccini November 22, 2013 / 8:00 AM

    HOPE is one of my favorite words…next to LOVE it’s a close second.

    I really do enjoy your take on so many emotions.

    • jannatwrites November 22, 2013 / 8:12 AM

      I like hope, too… without it, there really isn’t much reason to live each day. I appreciate you taking time to stop by today, Kir!

      • Kir Piccini November 22, 2013 / 8:16 AM

        I would hang out in your space every single day Janna. It’s been a very long week here for me…but for 33 words I came over and got a whole lot of HOPE and smiles.

        thank you my friend. Have a nice weekend.

        • jannatwrites November 22, 2013 / 6:02 PM

          I’m sorry you’ve had a long week, Kir. Hope your Thanksgiving next week is a relaxing one 🙂

  4. mandyblake95 November 22, 2013 / 8:02 AM

    Great piece, I really liked how you looked at the word from two different points of view.

    • jannatwrites November 22, 2013 / 8:13 AM

      Thanks, Mandy! It’s amusing how differently the kids approach many things, not just hope 🙂

  5. I Am Jasmine Kyle November 22, 2013 / 8:37 AM

    AHHH Lovely Hopes from you and your beautiful children! Stay warm and healthy inside! I find that having kids opens our eyes to the wonders of the world.

    • jannatwrites November 22, 2013 / 6:03 PM

      Kids do re-introduce us to wonders that we might have forgotten 🙂 Thanks for taking time to stop by today, Jasmine!

      • I Am Jasmine Kyle November 23, 2013 / 1:18 AM

        Sorry it’s not more often!

        • jannatwrites November 24, 2013 / 9:57 AM

          No worries – everyone is busy 🙂

  6. Lance November 22, 2013 / 8:53 AM

    I desire a way to not use the word hope in my comment….crap, I was almost there

    • jannatwrites November 22, 2013 / 6:03 PM

      Your comment cracked me up, Lance! Thanks for reading 🙂

  7. kalpana solsi November 22, 2013 / 9:15 AM

    make the most of the kid’s vacations. I too dread breaks. but engage my son in activity.

    • jannatwrites November 22, 2013 / 6:05 PM

      Thanks, Kalpana! I can’t really do activities with them while I’m working, but do the best I can 🙂

  8. ym1611 November 22, 2013 / 9:34 AM

    But but but, it’s winter! I’m sure you secretly love running behind your kiddos 😛
    This was cute.

    • jannatwrites November 22, 2013 / 6:06 PM

      It’s such a secret, I didn’t know 🙂 Only kidding – I’m keeping up, YM!

  9. joetwo November 22, 2013 / 10:00 AM

    Very true! Good one!

  10. Valerie November 22, 2013 / 10:51 AM

    Fun take on the prompt, Janna! This is the season of hope indeed! No matter what is hoped for, it’s a universal feeling:)

    • jannatwrites November 22, 2013 / 6:16 PM

      Thanks, Valerie. I’m glad you stopped by!

  11. Kathy Combs (@Kathy29156) November 22, 2013 / 11:12 AM

    So much fun! Kids add a bit of fun to everything they come in contact with helping to keep the spirit of the season alive! ♥

    • jannatwrites November 22, 2013 / 6:17 PM

      Kids do have a way of spreading their enthusiasm 🙂 Thanks for reading, Kathy!

  12. Debbie November 22, 2013 / 12:25 PM

    We’ve got grey skies, too, Janna, but thankfully, no snow! I can appreciate your concern. I think it’s part of the adult in us that sees weather realistically, rather than through snow-colored glasses! Maybe you’ll just have a dusting — enough to keep the kids happy and you off the road for a couple of days!

    • jannatwrites November 22, 2013 / 6:19 PM

      Snow-colored glasses – I like that, Debbie! So far, no snow, but we might take them to see some an hour or so north of us.

  13. philosophermouseofthehedge November 22, 2013 / 1:57 PM

    Woo. Driving in snow. You’ll do just fine – you’ve managed life with kids – nothing more complex and filled with unexpected blips than that.
    (We were always told when we asked about not getting the “good stuff” that if we were given everything as children, what would we have to look forward to as an adults? And besides more important to buy food/warm clothes for that family basket the church was putting together…but mom would add a stuffed animal to that on our request…all kids need a stuffed animal and we had some)
    Enjoy all those hours of loud kid chattering!

    • jannatwrites November 22, 2013 / 6:21 PM

      It’s good for them not to get everything they want. They have both saved up Christmas and birthday money from family to get their iPods. No way we could’ve afforded that 🙂 I like the idea of the stuffed animals added to the church basket. Nice touch, Phil!

  14. ReallyGina1 (@ReallyGina1) November 22, 2013 / 2:56 PM

    We had snow flakes this morning! To be expected in Chicago though! Take your time when out in the stuff. I remember being excited for break to start and the relaxed routine. Then the bickering would start and I’d be out of my mind. Mine just got home from college and in a few days they will bicker again and then I will pack them back off with a hug until Christmas. I despise the money spending part of “Santa” but it is such a wonderful time for the kids! Have a great weekend!

    • jannatwrites November 22, 2013 / 6:24 PM

      Chicago does get a fair amount of snow, Gina! (So cold, though!) I don’t mind the breaks so much when I have days off, too because we can do stuff. But when I’m working, I have to stay at my desk and can’t really redirect them. I’m glad I’m not the only one against the high-dollar Santa. We have a budget and stick to it. I hope you have great weekend too, Gina 🙂

  15. pratibha November 22, 2013 / 3:01 PM

    Yes, I hope for the same thing too. 🙂 Well expressed!

    • jannatwrites November 22, 2013 / 6:24 PM

      Thanks so much for stopping by, Pratibha!

  16. Brian Benoit November 22, 2013 / 5:48 PM

    Ahh, perspective is everything isn’t it? Here’s hoping Santa isn’t too extravagant.

    • jannatwrites November 22, 2013 / 6:26 PM

      I kind of like the kid perspective, when I can find it, Brian! No worries about Santa being too extravagant here…if he’s generous with their friends, the issues begin 🙂

  17. Eric Alagan November 22, 2013 / 6:13 PM

    Children help us to view the world differently – as we once viewed the world.


    • jannatwrites November 22, 2013 / 6:26 PM

      So true, Eric. Thanks so much for stopping by 🙂

  18. Ivy (Mommy Dourest) November 22, 2013 / 7:41 PM

    I like the honesty of this piece and the added info. I think many parents can relate, whether they’ll admit or not. 🙂

    • jannatwrites November 22, 2013 / 9:18 PM

      Thanks, Ivy! I’d like to think others could relate…makes me feel a little more normal that way 🙂

  19. GodGirl November 22, 2013 / 10:50 PM

    Well done with your use of the word hope. This made me smile – it’s so true that what’s fun for our kids requires sacrifice on our part. Our version of a good time is often so different to theirs!

    • jannatwrites November 24, 2013 / 9:54 AM

      Thanks, GodGirl! The adult in me just sees more work where the kids see fun. While I don’t think they should have everything their hearts desire, sometimes, we have to opt for fun 🙂

  20. September Dreams November 23, 2013 / 4:11 AM

    There’s something about hope that keeps us hanging on, no matter what. Beautiful words and lovely sentiments Janna!

    • jannatwrites November 24, 2013 / 9:57 AM

      Thank you so much for stopping by, September Dreams 🙂

  21. Renada Styles November 23, 2013 / 11:47 AM

    hope is that warm fuzzy feeling everyone needs to stay cozy for the upcoming holiday season

    • jannatwrites November 24, 2013 / 9:58 AM

      Yes! Without it, life can be pretty cold, Renada.

  22. Wisper November 23, 2013 / 1:00 PM

    It is amazing how our hopes change over the years, isn’t it? Some days I wish I could go back to something so simple as a child’s hopes.

    • jannatwrites November 24, 2013 / 10:00 AM

      So true, Wisper. And the sad part is, we didn’t really give our views of hope a second thought as children.

  23. Suzanne November 23, 2013 / 1:12 PM

    Hope is a great word choice – and I can empathize with all your interpretations of it! 🙂

  24. vishalbheeroo November 23, 2013 / 2:34 PM

    hehe! That’s why they are children and we are adults. Don’t tell me u still don’t wanna share ur choco wid dem::)

    • jannatwrites November 24, 2013 / 10:01 AM

      Oh, Vishal… I do share some chocolate with them (but still hide the good stuff :))

  25. atrm61 November 24, 2013 / 12:00 AM

    Hope-the eternal bird..everyone needs hope in their lives-lovely take-apt for the season:-)

    • jannatwrites November 24, 2013 / 10:02 AM

      “Eternal bird” – I like that, Atreyee! Thanks for reading and adding your thoughts 🙂

      • atrm61 November 25, 2013 / 11:59 AM

        :-)a pleasure

  26. yarnspinnerr November 24, 2013 / 12:34 AM

    I agree with Atreyee. Hope is such a live thing.

    • jannatwrites November 24, 2013 / 10:02 AM

      Thanks so much for reading, Yarnspinnerr!

    • jannatwrites November 24, 2013 / 10:03 AM

      Yes, it is, Bjorn. No matter what we hope for it does give us something to look forward to.

  27. Kelly Garriott Waite (@kgwaite) November 24, 2013 / 6:13 AM

    Nice write – I lived in Phoenix for about 18 months! What a reprieve from the snow I was used to! Do you get much snow where you are now? I, too, struggle with the xbox, ipod, iphone friends. We choose not to have too much technology in our house (one tiny television set) and the kids definitely get flack for it.

    • jannatwrites November 24, 2013 / 10:08 AM

      We still live in Arizona, but where we are now, the average snowfall is less than 20 inches per year (enough to enjoy, but not so much that it’s overwhelming :))

      We don’t have any gaming systems, either. They have ipods, but they were purchased with money saved from Christmases and birthdays. (My older son bought his from an estate auction for about a third the price of a new one.)

      Thanks for reading and sharing your comment, Kelly!

  28. Jyothi Nair November 24, 2013 / 6:30 AM

    Hope is such a lovely word. 🙂

    • jannatwrites November 24, 2013 / 10:09 AM

      Yes, it is, Jyothi. Thanks for stopping by 🙂

    • jannatwrites November 24, 2013 / 12:50 PM

      Glad you can relate, Kymm! Thanks for reading 🙂

  29. TMW Hickman November 24, 2013 / 1:57 PM

    The holidays bring hope, along with all that other stuff. We usually survive, but it gets difficult on occasion! I hope that your week is more peaceful this year.

    • jannatwrites November 24, 2013 / 9:28 PM

      Thanks, Tina! We do manage to survive the mixed bag that is the Holidays 🙂

  30. Christine November 24, 2013 / 2:15 PM

    Oh, I’m with you 100%. Every now and then, though, I see things the way my kids do, and it’s like a breath of fresh air, or a reminder of light.

    • jannatwrites November 24, 2013 / 9:29 PM

      Yes – through them, we can grasp those brief carefree moments 🙂 Thanks for reading, Christine!

  31. DonettaS November 24, 2013 / 10:47 PM

    This is so great! My two girls are already trying to get me to decorate for Christmas, when I’m trying to get through Thanksgiving and school break. Their father picks them up for Thanksgiving though because he has a big family, and I have, well………….my girls. 🙂 Christmas morning is worth all the hectic days.

    • jannatwrites November 24, 2013 / 11:20 PM

      Thanks, Donetta. My husband suggested starting the Christmas decorating today, but I opted for another week of procrastination. Have to get through Thanksgiving first 🙂 My family is pretty small, so the activity of large family gatherings are overstimulating to me.

  32. pattisj November 25, 2013 / 1:28 PM

    Life is seen very differently through the eyes of children. We need to hang out with them so we don’t forget how to be kids. (Except for the bickering, we could do without that.)

    • jannatwrites November 26, 2013 / 9:56 PM

      Oh, the bickering! Kids are on break this week so I got a load of that all day while I worked 🙂 Thanks for reading, Patti!

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