Fairy Tales Are Not Good How-To Guides

The girl had kissed a frog, tried a glass slipper, and even faked sleep to find her prince (Billy McPherson was not a prince.)

Discouraged, she cried, vowing to never trust Disney again.

Yes, of course...I'm your prince.
Yes, of course…I’m your prince.

About one hour after posting, I changed my response to what is written above.  The original one that was up for the first hour follows (the last line was changed):

The girl had kissed a frog, tried a glass slipper, and even faked sleep to find her prince (Billy McPherson was not a prince.)

Discouraged, she cried.

Mom said, “Maybe when you’re ten?”


TrifectaPicture11-1This is my response to Trifecta’s weekend prompt: This weekend, we’re enlisting your help in shortening our considerably lengthy bedtime routines by giving us a children’s bedtime story in exactly 33 words.

To read other responses, or to submit your own, click the tricycle picture to go to Trifecta’s site.  Have a wonderful weekend!  If you’re looking for a prince, I hope you find him…but you may want to skip the frog kissing…just saying…


90 thoughts on “Fairy Tales Are Not Good How-To Guides

  1. Kir Piccini August 23, 2013 / 7:55 AM

    Oh the giggle! (tell me Janna, did you really kiss a frog? I stopped there, I just couldn’t do it *wink*)

    girls will try everything once for true love. LOL

    Billy was NOT a prince or he would have seen the princess you were/are.


    • jannatwrites August 23, 2013 / 8:06 AM

      Haha, this is completely fiction, Kir! (My lips have standards and frogs don’t meet them :razz:) If there is a Billy McPherson out there, I’m sure he grew up to be a gentleman…

  2. Jennifer Dillon August 23, 2013 / 8:03 AM

    OMG, the title is amazing! Good for her for finding a glass slipper!

    • jannatwrites August 23, 2013 / 8:07 AM

      Well, it was clear plastic, but in her imagination, it was glass 🙂 Thanks for reading, Jennifer!

  3. Debbie August 23, 2013 / 8:26 AM

    Funny stuff, Janna. Coincidentally, Dallas and I found a teeny-tiny frog on the patio last night. He wasn’t as big as my thumb, even, and I wouldn’t let the Sheltie near him. He’d obviously found his way back home this morning, though, as he was nowhere to be seen!

    • jannatwrites August 23, 2013 / 8:56 AM

      Good idea not to let Dallas near the frog…what if it became a princess Sheltie? I’m glad froggie got away safe!

      My kids rounded up about twenty frogs after a rain…they released them into my garden, which is right by the driveway. I really have to pay attention when I leave so I don’t run any over.

  4. danielfalonipe August 23, 2013 / 8:32 AM

    Waoh! Nice write-up…Imagination made real! Kindly check back at my blog…

  5. robbowrites August 23, 2013 / 8:33 AM

    I love this!

  6. Lance August 23, 2013 / 8:50 AM

    Easy to identify with Prince Eric in Little Mermaid. You find a cute redhead who looks great in a sea shell bikini and she has no legs and can’t talk.

    I mean, what?

    This was cute and I like both takes, especially the second one.

    • jannatwrites August 23, 2013 / 8:58 AM

      Hahaha, funny, Lance! But even that fairy tale came to an end…remember, Ariel got her voice back 😛

      I think I like the second one better, too, but I didn’t think it would be right to swap them out after some had already read and commented on the first one. I think my brain needs a kick-start today!

  7. Michael August 23, 2013 / 8:53 AM

    Well, she gets Brownie points for trying….I mean, kissing a frog. I couldn’t do it. 🙂

    • jannatwrites August 23, 2013 / 9:00 AM

      My take on frog kissing: it’s not worth it! She was ambitious although Disney led her astray 🙂 Thanks for reading, Michael!

  8. Ivy (Mommy Dourest) August 23, 2013 / 8:59 AM

    We girls have some silly notions about finding romance. I, too, blame Disney.

    • jannatwrites August 23, 2013 / 9:03 AM

      Thank goodness most of us grow out of it, but Disney could be a little more realistic. By the way, is it strange that when I write “Disney” I think of your Jasmine story from a few weeks back? Yeah, I’m pretty sure I need help…

      • Ivy (Mommy Dourest) August 23, 2013 / 8:29 PM

        Lol! If you need help, what does that say about me for even writing something like that? It’s nice to know it stuck in your mind, though. 🙂

        Yes, most of us get wise eventually. But I know some grown up “princesses” still waiting for a prince to rescue them. Uh … good luck with that.

        • jannatwrites August 24, 2013 / 12:56 AM

          Good luck is right! Looking for perfection will lead to disappointment, as will expecting someone to rescue us. Finding someone with flaws we can live with is the key.

  9. nrhatch August 23, 2013 / 9:04 AM

    Fantastic . . . but I like the alternate ending the best!

    • jannatwrites August 23, 2013 / 9:05 AM

      Thanks, Nancy! I like it better, too. I guess my fingers worked faster than my brain this morning 🙂

      I’m living on the edge today – I went ahead and changed the post (it had only been live for an hour) and noted the change. The dialogue piece from the mom doesn’t fit as well.

    • jannatwrites August 23, 2013 / 11:42 AM

      Thanks, Vishal…I appreciate you stopping by!

  10. Christine August 23, 2013 / 11:05 AM

    I liked both of these a ton, but the title really did it for me! 🙂

    • jannatwrites August 23, 2013 / 11:43 AM

      I’m glad you liked the title, Christine. I wanted to do funny/silly today 🙂

  11. Gina August 23, 2013 / 11:09 AM

    I have a smile on my face! Who to trust; who to trust above love and boys? We all kiss hoards of toads don’t we?

    • jannatwrites August 23, 2013 / 11:44 AM

      Well, figuratively speaking, I guess we do encounter a fair amount of toads, Gina! Your smile makes me smile 😛

  12. Sean August 23, 2013 / 11:26 AM

    Interesting use on a past photo and somewhat the story line, kindof. My grammar has been atrocious lately so bare with me on it. Both endings were good. I think you picked the best one of the 2. It leave an age gap open to the reader. Thanks

    • jannatwrites August 23, 2013 / 11:46 AM

      Good memory, Sean! I did a post in July, Of Frogs and Toads, that used the picture. That one was about a jilted woman enjoying peace, but hoping for her prince, so yeah, kind of the same idea! One might think I have a fairy tale complex by reading some of these posts 🙂

  13. coyotero2112 August 23, 2013 / 11:32 AM

    Too fun. Old Walt sure did no favors for elderly women, forests, and women’s footwear. He was an odd guy, with more quirks about women than William Burroughs. Can’t imagine why people don’t analyze his work more. Toads must have loved him.

    • jannatwrites August 23, 2013 / 11:48 AM

      Your comment is hilarious, Coyotero! I bet Sigmund Freud would’ve had a field day studying Mr. Disney and his apparent fetishes 🙂

      • coyotero2112 August 23, 2013 / 11:50 AM

        Thanks ! Get those two neurotics together and…look out world. Siggy would have turned Walt onto coke, and imagine how that would have turned out…ohhhhh.

        • jannatwrites August 24, 2013 / 12:46 AM

          It’s probably best that it didn’t happen, Coyotero. Scary…

  14. seablackwithink August 23, 2013 / 12:58 PM

    JT Love it…I remember being that little girl:)

    • jannatwrites August 24, 2013 / 12:47 AM

      Glad you could relate, Seablackwithink. Many of us have been there to some degree, I think.

      • seablackwithink August 24, 2013 / 12:43 PM

        Absolutely, it’s so rare to see common experience in the “real world”, one of the reasons I adore the blogging community.

        • jannatwrites August 25, 2013 / 12:06 AM

          Agreed – the blogging community is awesome 🙂

  15. stankmeaner August 23, 2013 / 3:04 PM

    I do like both versions, but it pushes over into laugh out loud love for the second one.

    • jannatwrites August 24, 2013 / 12:48 AM

      I’m glad you liked them, Stankmeaner. It’s funny, but preferences seem pretty evenly split on this one 🙂

  16. Tessa August 23, 2013 / 3:14 PM

    I liked them both, but the Disney one was best in my opinion.

    • jannatwrites August 24, 2013 / 12:48 AM

      Thanks, Tessa! I appreciate you reading and sharing your preference.

  17. Tara R. August 23, 2013 / 5:37 PM

    My daughter is NOT a fan of Disney princesses. I like your second version best too.

    • jannatwrites August 24, 2013 / 12:49 AM

      I don’t like it when they portray the women as helpless, in need of rescuing. Thanks for reading, Tara!

  18. howanxious August 23, 2013 / 5:41 PM

    Oh! Life isn’t a fairy tale after all.
    Sweet tale!

    • jannatwrites August 24, 2013 / 12:50 AM

      Nope, no fairy tales here! Thanks for reading, HA 🙂

  19. Valerie August 23, 2013 / 5:44 PM

    Bambi turned me against Disney forever! I tell my daughter that it’s good to be independent-and not to jump at the first prince (or toad) that comes along;) I liked both versions too, by the way!

    • jannatwrites August 24, 2013 / 12:51 AM

      That’s one movie I won’t watch. (I cried during Lion King, too.) Good advice for your daughter. There’s time enough to find the right person.

  20. pattisj August 23, 2013 / 8:16 PM

    I smiled at, “Maybe when you’re ten?” I agree with the others, great title.

    • jannatwrites August 24, 2013 / 12:51 AM

      Thanks, Patti! The title was easier than the prompt response this time 🙂

    • jannatwrites August 24, 2013 / 12:52 AM

      Thanks for reading, Widdershins! Opinion seems pretty evenly split.

  21. summerstommy2 August 24, 2013 / 12:53 AM

    Lovely Janna, I connect more with the frog than the little girl, so I live forever in hope of a princess knocking on my door.

    • jannatwrites August 24, 2013 / 12:58 AM

      Thanks for reading, Summerstommy2. Until we find someone, we all wait for the “right” someone to come along.

  22. Bryan Ens August 24, 2013 / 7:48 AM

    This was a gem! (and I freely admit that it was the inspiration I needed to write my own story)

    • jannatwrites August 25, 2013 / 12:02 AM

      That’s so cool, Bryan – thanks! Your comment made me smile 😛

    • jannatwrites August 25, 2013 / 12:01 AM

      I’m glad you liked them, Whimsy – thanks for reading!

  23. Dhriti August 24, 2013 / 9:09 AM

    I liked both the versions. It has pun in the last line. Good job 🙂

    • jannatwrites August 25, 2013 / 12:04 AM

      I appreciate you reading, Dhriti…I’m glad you liked them.

  24. Tina August 24, 2013 / 9:24 AM

    I was in the same boat, so I learned to make my own magic. That worked out best!

    • jannatwrites August 25, 2013 / 12:04 AM

      Making your own magic sounds like a good plan, Tina!

  25. lovelylici1986 August 24, 2013 / 10:23 AM

    Awww! Poor thing!
    Darn that Disney!
    -Alicia Audrey

    • jannatwrites August 25, 2013 / 12:05 AM

      Disney is misleading in the ways of love 🙂 Thanks for reading, Alicia!

  26. With A Writer's Sword August 24, 2013 / 2:23 PM

    Love both the versions 🙂

    • jannatwrites August 25, 2013 / 12:06 AM

      Thanks so much for reading, Writer’s Sword!

  27. Suzanne August 24, 2013 / 7:33 PM

    Seriously. Never trust Disney.

    This is so good Janna! I adore the humour and the character that comes through in this. 🙂

    • jannatwrites August 25, 2013 / 12:07 AM

      Thanks for reading, Suzanne! It was supposed to be humorous, so I’m glad you saw that in the story.

  28. pattyabr August 25, 2013 / 5:06 AM

    Nice job and I liked both versions 😊

    • jannatwrites August 25, 2013 / 10:09 PM

      Thanks, Patty. I had fun with this one (except for the fact I obsessed over the last line :))

  29. chloeaevm August 25, 2013 / 7:16 AM

    Ah I love both versions… Let’s just say they resonate with me hehe. Super fun!

    • jannatwrites August 25, 2013 / 10:14 PM

      Thanks for reading, Chloe…so glad you could relate!

  30. Sarah Ann August 25, 2013 / 11:55 AM

    Very funny and clever.

  31. Draug419 August 25, 2013 / 12:48 PM

    How can you trust a film company that shoots Bambi’s mom?? Tell her to stick to books haha

    • jannatwrites August 25, 2013 / 10:23 PM

      You pose an excellent question, Draug 🙂 Yes, books…as long as they aren’t Disney stories!

  32. trifectawriting August 25, 2013 / 2:49 PM

    This just offers her the opportunity to go into a career in film-making and create her own happy ending!
    This is a delightful response to the prompt. Thank you for linking up!

    • jannatwrites August 25, 2013 / 10:25 PM

      We do have a responsibility for making our own happy endings 🙂

  33. Eric Alagan August 25, 2013 / 5:43 PM

    I think the Brothers Grinn will agree with your title 🙂

    “We do, Brother Grinn?”
    “If the boss says so, Brother Grinn.”
    “Monday mornings! Sigh!”

    • jannatwrites August 25, 2013 / 10:25 PM

      Glad the title has the Grinn stamp of approval, Eric 🙂

  34. Rois August 26, 2013 / 6:22 AM

    Yeah, I’ve kissed a pretty good number of frogs 😀 . Really, don’t trust Disney. Nice work! 🙂

    • jannatwrites August 26, 2013 / 8:53 AM

      Haven’t we all, Rois? 😛 Thanks for reading!

  35. theinnerzone August 26, 2013 / 6:54 AM

    I can relate to faking sleep 😛 . Great entry, the title is awesome.

    • jannatwrites August 26, 2013 / 8:53 AM

      Haha! Thanks for reading- and for the laugh, Theinnerzone 🙂

  36. Imelda August 26, 2013 / 8:40 AM

    Ha! You made me laugh. Your responses are both good but I prefer the official one better because the ending packs a punch.

    • jannatwrites August 26, 2013 / 8:54 AM

      Thanks, Imelda- I was going for humorous this round!

  37. Sandra August 28, 2013 / 10:09 AM

    I actually like both of them, but the Disney does make for a good laugh. What a great response to the prompt! It’s my intention to return to Trifecta when the kids go back to school, so I hope to don’t delay much longer…

    • jannatwrites August 29, 2013 / 10:42 PM

      I’m glad you found the humor in it, Sandra. I hope you do get back into Trifecta soon 🙂

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