Sundaes, Sundays, and Motivation

I love sundaes.  What’s not to love about ice cream and sugary toppings (especially chocolate)?

I love Sundays, too.  Do you know why?

Because that’s the day I’ve committed to writing about my spiritual journey.  Just knowing I need to be prepared to write something on Sundays encourages me to think about spirituality all week.  Most weeks, this is a powerful motivation.

Not this week.

This week, my motivation has been organization.  We are nearing the end of the remodeling, which coincidently, is occurring at the same time I’m reaching the point of insanity.  Well, I don’t think I’ve lost my mind yet.  But then again, can a crazy person recognize loony?

For nearly two weeks, whenever I’ve fixed a meal, I rummaged through a pile in our living room for dry goods.  The stack was once orderly, but children searching for snacks and a husband who doesn’t know what he’s looking for have turned it into a haphazard mess.  This mini disaster has moved me into the fast lane to stark raving mad.  I don’t like to travel alone; I’m taking prisoners my family with me.

If I were a can of beans, where would I be?

To top it off, our dining room table is covered with several bags of donations, school supplies and dishes that I’m giving to a friend.  In this room, we also have stacks of tile, painting supplies, as well as our camping stuff – which all serve to remind me that I dislike clutter.  I must make it go away.

If you look closely, you can sort of see a table

I might be dazed by primer and paint fumes, but I have my eye on the end that is in sight.  By next weekend, I can have my space back…some breathing room…my inner peace.  Peace is a spiritual concept, right?  (I’m stretching here – it’s the only real exercise I’ve had all week, save the priming and painting.)

Amid the mess and chaos, there is a bright side:  family bonding happened.  As hubby and I commiserated about painting, the boys begged us to let them give it a shot.  So, (reluctantly) we turned over our paint rollers and prepared for the worst.

They loved it.  My older son beamed with pride about the wall he painted ‘all by himself’ and my younger son eagerly waited for his next turn with the roller.  Their joy was worth the paint splatters I had to clean off the floor and the extra time it took to finish the job.  It wasn’t time wasted, though.

While painting, they weren’t two brothers fighting, and we weren’t parents frustrated with the bickering.  For that short time, we were all one unit, working toward a common goal.  We were painting an evening of peace together.


Now, I have a hankering for a chocolate sundae.

Three times as good as a plain 'ol sundae

What brought you peace this week?  What’s your favorite sundae topping?


18 thoughts on “Sundaes, Sundays, and Motivation

  1. nrhatch July 31, 2011 / 6:51 AM

    Spirituality is not some “thing” outside us . . . it’s our essential nature.

    It peeks through when we least expect it ~ when we laugh over splattered paint . . . and find peace in the midst of chaos.

    Enjoy that sundae! 😀

    • jannatwrites July 31, 2011 / 4:01 PM

      I agree, Nancy. My problem is that it’s a part of me I tend to ignore unliess I make a conscious effort to pay it attention (just like I ignore my sore neck until I can’t turn my head.)

      I still haven’t gotten my sundae…but the day’s not over yet 😉

  2. Carl D'Agostino July 31, 2011 / 11:12 AM

    All this stuff. It clutters our lives and tends to own us. After moving a few times recently I’ve divested myself of 80% of my stuff. Of course with kids and family you will have stuff for a long time. I don’t miss or need any of the stuff.

    • jannatwrites July 31, 2011 / 4:10 PM

      Moving is an excellent way to reduce clutter (we haven’t moved in fourteen years.) Most of the clutter right now is food waiting for painted shelves to dry. I’m shocked at how much the kids eat at times, We may have to increase our grocery budget soon!

      Yes, kids come with a certain amount of clutter – but we try to manage it.

      Thanks for stopping by, Carl.

  3. Debbie July 31, 2011 / 12:07 PM

    Sounds as if your “chaos” turned into cohesion, Janna — what a wonderful feeling to have everybody getting along peacefully! My son, too, is getting ready for Back-to-School, so things have been a bit chaotic here. Try to look past the craziness — it won’t be long before your two will be off to college (and you’ll miss the chaos!)

    • jannatwrites July 31, 2011 / 4:14 PM

      It was brief, but I’ll take it anyway. Each start of the school year is hard for me because I’m forced to acknowledge that yet another year is spent. As much as the chaos drives me crazy, them not being here would make me crazier 🙂 This means that no matter what, I will be 100% loony in about fifteen years. I’m sure my husband is looking forward to that.

      Good luck keeping up with your back to school chaos, Debbie. I hope his send off goes smoothly!

  4. Tori Nelson July 31, 2011 / 12:50 PM

    Peaceful boys AND painted walls. That’s some serious progress, lady!

    • jannatwrites July 31, 2011 / 4:17 PM

      Hey, the painted wall were great, but cleaning paint splatters off the carpet and tile after they went to bed wasn’t so much fun. Still worth it for the moments of peace, though.

      Just wait, Tori – you’ll have child labor of your own in a few short years. Technically, it isn’t child labor if they like it, is it? I say no.

  5. pattisj July 31, 2011 / 1:32 PM

    I can feel your pain, Janna. Our house has been in a state of perpetual remodel for years. You won’t be going to the loony bin alone. lol

    • jannatwrites July 31, 2011 / 4:19 PM

      I’m so glad I’ll have company. You seem like such a nice lady, I’m actually looking forward to meeting you in the nut house 😉

      I couldn’t imagine this going on for years. You must have some excellent coping skills, Patti!

  6. pattyabr August 1, 2011 / 5:26 AM

    I have totally been there. Now that my son moved out there is not alot left in his room I “unloaded” all the plastic storage boxes out of my closet into his room and was aghast. I have a lot of memories to sort through. That is 25 years of a family life and 52 years of a personal life to sort. ugh!

    • jannatwrites August 1, 2011 / 11:07 PM

      I imagine so much could be accumlated during that amount of time. I have to limit what I keep (especially with their artwork) or I’ll be buried in no time.

      Good luck with the sorting, Patty!

  7. e6n1 August 1, 2011 / 8:49 AM

    My favourite toppings are sprinkles in psychedelic colours.

    Letting go of junk (mental and literal) brings peace.

    • jannatwrites August 1, 2011 / 9:56 PM

      Agree with you on both points, e6n1. Bright sprinkles are fun and less is more!

      We’re working on the “less” part right now. I’m glad you stopped by today to share your comment 🙂

  8. mairzeebp August 3, 2011 / 12:28 PM

    You know, I feel most at peace when things are in order and yet, I struggle to make order a priority. I never have that problem with ice cream. It is and has been in the past at the very top of my to do list. And topping, I love Magic Shell. If that stuff didn’t need to be on something cold to harden, I would dip my hand in it all day long :).

    • jannatwrites August 3, 2011 / 9:37 PM

      Well, when you compare ice cream and order, of course order comes in a very distant second place 😉

      I’m with you on the Magic Shell. I’ve tried eating it without ice cream but it tastes nasty in liquid form. We haven’t bought Magic Shell since my husband put a bottle in the fridge (that was several years ago). I wanted to cut open the bottle and eat it, but he looked at me like I was a freak so I passed it off as a joke.

      I’m glad you stopped by to chat ice cream, Mairzeebp!

  9. emjayandthem August 4, 2011 / 4:15 AM

    What brought me peace this week was re-organizing my pantry. In my dream house I’ll have drawers that slide out so we can easily see the back; in my reality we have an old, long, narrow pantry that’s built into a wall. Stuff goes in and rarely comes back out.

    In utter frustration I took every single thing out, removed the broken & outdated & re-did what went back in. It’s about 1/2 full now and whenever I open it to get out an item, I smile.

    It’s the little things.

    Not a big ice cream eater but I’d have to say caramel over anything else :).

    Cheers! MJ

    • jannatwrites August 5, 2011 / 10:19 PM

      That seems peaceful to me too, Emjayandthem! Must be a pantry thing going on right now 🙂

      Caramel is yummy…but I don’t eat it often because it sticks to my teeth. I used to love caramel apples. I’m glad you stopped by. Have a beautiful weekend!

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