It Must Be Love…

I got stuck this weekend on a mystery short story that I’m writing for a contest that has an 11/1 entry deadline.  I knew the basic structure of the story, but the location gave me some trouble.  I needed the story to take place in Scottsdale, but I had to represent two different sides of Scottsdale – the glittery, “rich” side that the city is well-known for, and the not-so-nice areas that people don’t often talk about.  My problem?  I don’t frequent the area so I didn’t have a good picture of it in my mind.  I did online research, but couldn’t put the pieces together in my head.  I wrote around it, but felt like my story was vague.  I needed a few relevant details to make it authentic.

I gave it up on Friday night (Saturday morning, I guess) around 1:00 AM and went to bed.  My husband made a usual comment about me writing “till all hours of the night,” to which I gave him my normal, grumpy, “when else do I have time to write?”  I mentioned my location problem and warned him that I’d need to pick his brain the next day.

Saturday morning, I woke up at 6:30 AM to my children fighting.  Well, okay, I slept through the fighting.  I woke up when the younger one burst into our room to tattle on the older one.  Then my older son pushed the younger one out of the way to defend himself and tattle on the younger one, in a much louder voice to be sure he was heard.  Then the younger one had to yell louder, etc.  (Note to self: wear headphones and lock door before going to bed.)

My husband got them out of the room while I pretended to be asleep.  But really, who could sleep through that?  He ushered them out of the room and locked the door (a little late) and crawled back in bed. 

Neither one of us could sleep, so we started talking about our day.  He asked about my location problem (he doesn’t listen to me during the day, so I was duly impressed that he remembered this when he was half-asleep.)  I explained my lack of vision of the area and he suggested a drive to south Scottsdale with a tour of some iffy areas, as well as a drive up Scottsdale road to the Hyatt Regency at Gainey Ranch (where some of my story occurs.)

Hyatt Regency - Gainey Ranch Casita

On Sunday, after church, we made an afternoon of it.  I got pictures and notes of our drive, the boys got to try a sandwich shop we’ve talked about going to for months now, and I took home the wonderful feeling that even though my hubby doesn’t understand my “writing thing” and sometimes doesn’t make it easy for me, he does support it in his own little way.

How do your friends/family support (or not support) your writing adventure.  I’d love to hear your stories!


12 thoughts on “It Must Be Love…

  1. jpcabit October 19, 2010 / 5:45 AM

    Wow, that sounds like a load of fun!

    Well, to be honest, I’m sort of a lonely writer amongst my family. But I do have a small group of writer friends (And some supportive wends ;)) who I chat with every now and then about my travels. Unfortunately, unlike you, my setting is highly fictitious. Honestly, I am not about to go on a trip to explore underneath the North Sea. Too expensive. And there’s not too much culture among deep-sea fish to learn about.

    • jannatwrites October 19, 2010 / 3:46 PM

      I can see how research wouldn’t be relevant for you. But it would still be fun to explore 🙂

  2. chlost October 19, 2010 / 8:21 AM

    Yup, that is love, all right! Of course, he did get a nice day trip out of it. But whatever, love is love. My husband just wants me to be happy, and if writing does it, that’s great to him.

    • jannatwrites October 19, 2010 / 3:48 PM

      Well, it wasn’t entirely pleasant. The kids tend to fight and my youngest was very impatient for lunch. But we survived without any lasting scars – so it was a good day! I’m glad your husband is on board with what brings you joy 🙂

  3. nrhatch October 19, 2010 / 9:14 AM

    I’m with chlost ~ my BFF wants me to be happy. I’m happy clicking away at the keyboard. He’s fine with it (and my odd hours).

    Glad you had a chance to do some exploring with the boys. We explored a nature preserve yesterday. We’d been before, but traveled along different trails and climbed a tower yesterday.

    Nothing like a different vantage point to clear the cobwebs.

    • jannatwrites October 19, 2010 / 3:51 PM

      Yay for support! The nature preserve sounds fun – we have some hiking trails we do, but not in the heat of summer. It’s getting to be perfect temps for hikes so we’ll go again soon. (Too bad the snakes like it too)

  4. darksculptures October 19, 2010 / 1:00 PM

    Totally cool! I love it when the family gets involved. My husband takes me on nature walks so I can collect photographs and ideas for one of my poem collections. It has brought us close together, as if that were possible. He also helps me before I write by allowing me to run my plot and story arc by him. Sometimes he even makes suggestions!

    My son doesn’t take my writing as seriously. He’s into girls now, so enough said there. My daughter and the rest of my family thinks my writing is “just a hobby”. So I’m ever so greatful that my husband “gets it” and “gets me.”

    • jannatwrites October 19, 2010 / 3:56 PM

      I’m glad your hubby is supportive – and he even goes through the plot with you – that’s great! At least he makes up for the kids.

      My husband isn’t a reader, so I don’t go into detail with him…I have a couple of friends that let me bounce ideas off them. My 8 year old writes his own stories (they’re really cute) and my 4 year old doesn’t have a clue 🙂

  5. Brown Eyed Mystic October 19, 2010 / 6:12 PM

    Aww. How sweeeet!

    I am with you–he totally supports you in his own little, quirky ways ;), which is all the more fun!

    Wow, talk about co-incidences. Just like you, I’ll be researching on India, more specifically a city named Calcutta/Kolkata there. It’s for a research assignment.

    And hey, looks like you’ve “come clean” with your dirty lil’ act, huh?
    LOL no, I mean I thought the folks at yours didn’t know about your writing thing.


    • jannatwrites October 20, 2010 / 8:52 PM

      Research is fun, but it can be frustrating for me when I can’t “feel” it. Good luck to you, for sure!

      I haven’t exactly come clean about the writing. My husband knows because he got paranoid that I had an online boyfriend or something (why would I want to do that??!!) My mom and aunt know that I’m taking a class because I needed help with childcare a couple nights…but they still don’t know about the novel or the blog. I don’t know why I’m so chicken to tell them 🙂

  6. milkfever October 21, 2010 / 5:18 PM

    One of my friends listens. He has a way of drawing out information and realisations from me that I didn’t know I had. He rarely says much, but his listening is a real gift. I am very grateful to him.

    • jannatwrites October 21, 2010 / 7:08 PM

      I’m so glad you have that person in your life. He sounds like a great person to have around when you’re trying to write a novel 🙂

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