Office 2010 and Query Hope Chart

I have a self-imposed no ranting rule on my blog, but I have a frustration that I want to shout to the world (okay, the handful of people that stop by my blog) so I’m calling this an opinion 🙂   Hint:  if you’d rather skip my opinon, scroll down to the end of this post for the Query Hope Chart.)

Here is my frustration/opinion:  I dislike Office 2010.  Not just a little bit; a whole lot.  For five months, I’ve attempted to get used to how they messed up all of the menus in Word and Excel.   They’ve basically broken down the menus so that you have ‘File’, ‘Home’, ‘Insert’, etc.  But when you click these menus, instead of getting the drop-down list of available options, you get a whole new picture toolbar…and they aren’t even grouped the same as previous versions of Word. 

There is no “Tools” menu and I can’t figure out how to see the Drawing Toolbar (so I can draw lines and shapes.)  Grrrr.  I am completely literate and I had no problem reading the options under each menu choice.  Apparently, they did this starting with the 2007 Office Suite, but I never had the pleasure of working with that version.

Perhaps what makes my transition more difficult is that I use Office 2003 at work.  Maybe when they rip that carpet out from under me, I will have a better opinion of Office 2010, but for now, Microsoft will not be getting a warm and fuzzy holiday card from me.  And I know they are deeply concerned about that.

P.S. If I have offended any 2010 Office lovers out there, I’m sorry.  If you are a fan of Office 2010, please share what you like about it.  I want to love this version.  I really do…because we’re going to spend a lot of time together.

Okay, the “opinion” part of this post is over.  I had waaaay too much time on my hands, so I made up a line chart depicting the hope (or loss of hope) experienced during the query process.  It’s just in fun, so don’t worry about me.  Except I am eating lots of chocolate…but I would do that even without the query process 🙂


15 thoughts on “Office 2010 and Query Hope Chart

  1. Maimoona Rahman October 4, 2010 / 4:26 AM

    Hey I hate office 2010 as well, and probably because I never worked with Office 2007 either, except for the couple of times I worked on my sister’s laptop which doesn’t count. My laptop came with a built-in Office 2010 starter’s edition which seemed so baffling, that I uninstalled the whole thing and installed Much more convenient.

    P.S. I do love Windows 7. It’s so super-fast. Or is it the laptop?

    P.P.S. Every time I visit your blog, I spent a couple of moments staring at Sammy and Lizzy. I envy you; you have so many animals.

    • jannatwrites October 4, 2010 / 6:17 PM

      I like Windows 7 also. I imagine anything would seem fast compared to the dinosaur computer you had before 🙂

      I’m glad you like the pictures of Sammy and Lizzy – they’re really sweet girls!

  2. Brown Eyed Mystic October 4, 2010 / 4:30 AM


    You’re not alone–I haven’t used Office 2010, but I have a licensed copy of 2007 and 2003. And boy, how I totally hate 2007! I am sucker for good, ol, ’03. 😉


    • jannatwrites October 4, 2010 / 6:19 PM

      I’m glad I’m not alone. Well, now you know not to bother with 2010! I do hope I get used to the new program or I’m in for a lot of frustration.

  3. Barb October 4, 2010 / 6:26 AM

    I’ve been struggling with Open Office – the only good feature being I can save in PDF. I still miss my Word though…

    • jannatwrites October 4, 2010 / 6:20 PM

      Saving to a PDF is a good feature. I hope it outweighs the hassle for you!

      • Barb October 5, 2010 / 2:35 AM

        When uploading stuff on Lulu, yes! 😀 But I still miss some neat Word features… and it doesn’t print out the notes of the Word, I have to print it from Word to see the notes on the same page as the text (not sure if this makes sense… luckily I have Word at the office and printing is free there, so…)

        • jannatwrites October 5, 2010 / 5:59 PM

          I’ve never used Lulu, so I have no idea about that process. At least you still have access to Word!

  4. darksculptures October 5, 2010 / 2:18 AM

    I have Office 2007. It took me FOREVER to get my brain to switch from 2003 mode. There are still some functions I have to search out and try to find in word, but I loved the addition of OneNote.

    Hubbie will be getting me a brand new netbook soon! Gosh I love that guy! Anyway, I told him to hold off until December, because I didn’t want to try and start a new project and learn new software at the same time.

    The chart is fantastic! Very funny.

  5. Lua October 5, 2010 / 2:59 PM

    I don’t know much about the Office 2007- but I have to say Janna, I LOVE the chart! 🙂

    • jannatwrites October 5, 2010 / 6:00 PM

      Hi Lua! I’ve missed you. Gotta say, Mondays aren’t the same without you! I’m glad you liked the chart 🙂

  6. Rissa Watkins October 5, 2010 / 4:32 PM

    Love the chart! I know those feelings well.

    I refuse to upgrade my home computers from 2003 to 2007. And I stupidly downloaded the update on my laptop that says my office version isn’t legit. (it is, but they want me to upgrade) So every time I open word or excel I get a stupid message saying this isn’t a current copy. Annoying!

    My new job has 2007 and I hate it. Was it really that hard for people to read the list?

    • jannatwrites October 5, 2010 / 6:04 PM

      Ugh. I’m not a fan of repetitive nonsense error messages. I didn’t think the lists were bad, but what do I know? 🙂

      Good to hear you enjoyed the chart. Would you like some chocolate?

  7. Elaine Adair February 7, 2011 / 9:24 AM

    Hate, hate, hate it! I bought a new computer to accommodate new Office 2010. It refuses to allow Outlook and/or Word to run unless I totally get rid of WordPerfect – this took me out of circulation for DAYS, it refused to recognize “activation” – Tomorrow I go back to the office knowing that Friday, I LOST all my Contacts, (but DID keep the e-mail) the Merge feature in Contacts did not import my categories correctly, from previous Outlook, I am still trying to figure out “Groups” “Distribution Lists”, “Address Books”, “Categories”, altering the basic Outlook Contact form”, I have wasted limited ime, trying to figure it all out. Despite having a good background of computer experience with office applications, I feel beaten, stupid and worthless, because I don’t seem to ‘get’ the logic of the changes. No one needs a program that makes them feel helpless and out of control!!! I don’t want PICTUREs or ICONs to figure out what needs to be done next, I want my menus back, and I want to be able to use Word Perfect on the same computer. I don’t need to change the files back and forth between the two programs, but I DO want Word Perfect, which seems to be a lost cause. I’ve had the “geeks” work on my computer for days, losing precious time, and still an never sure things will go as planned. Every ‘geek’ has another whole set of ideas to get it all working properly, leaving me unsure that I can complete any job. I’ve bought the “Office 2010 Bible” to try to understand the new ‘logic’, another CD to help, and am currently awaiting “Office 2010 for Dummies” hoping that book will clarify the complicated reasoning. I am no Dummie, but this Office 2010 is over-the-top complicated!!!

    • jannatwrites February 7, 2011 / 7:48 PM

      It sounds like your experience with Office 2010 is much more traumatic than mine was. I feel lucky that I wasn’t trying to integrate with Word Perfect. I do hope that the book you purchased will assist with your efforts. Although it has been several months since my introduction to Office 2010, I’m still getting used to the changed menu set up, and am annoyed by the things that take more clicks to do, but there’s not much I can do about it.

      Good luck 🙂 I feel your frustration.

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