Bid Farewell to Pitiful Poetry

This is the last week that the Saturday Morning Serial will be a repeat.  If you’re interested in starting the story, or a refresher if you were following it before, the fifth part to my humorous suspense short story, Kharma’s Way, has been posted on Serial Central.  (All of the previous posts are always available, too).  In part 5 (Change of Plans), Jaime discovers who ambushed her while she stalked Gill from a distance.

Since Kharma’s Way will resume with new material next week, this will be the last week of Pitiful Poetry (of course, I’ll still write and post poetry on occasion, I’ll just call it something else.)

The surviving fish

This week, I wrote only one poem. My son was distraught when one of his Betta fish died on Monday (I knew Mondays were bad news.)  I wrote this poem for him, to honor his fish and his loving nature toward living things.  (As a side note, I may be an accessory to murder because it could’ve been our ineptness that contributed to Charlie’s demise.  We had conflicting information on tank cleaning and I think we followed the wrong recommendations.  We still have one fish though…good thing we have better luck with furry animals and children).


It’s true; Charlie’s life was brief,

But his memory is forever.

You will overcome grief

And grow to love another.

Healing will take time,

But tears are the perfect start;

Pain is a part of life;

It only happens to loving hearts.

If you don’t love at all,

Then you won’t feel pain;

Your life would be so small

Because you won’t feel anything.

Today you said farewell

To your beloved Charlie.

A steady rain of tears fell,

A tribute to a friend, so fitting.


3 thoughts on “Bid Farewell to Pitiful Poetry

  1. darksculptures September 25, 2010 / 7:22 AM

    Poor Charlie.

    I wish to nominate you as mommy of the year. The way you handled this situation and the subject of death with your son was creative. Your poem conveyed such valuable life lessons, too. I applaud you!

    • JannaTWrites September 25, 2010 / 7:37 AM

      Wow, you are too kind. The problem is that I have so many other moments that would get the nomination disqualified 🙂

      Thanks for the thought anyway, I’ll take it and run!

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