Announcement & Saturday Morning Serial – Kharma’s Way – Post 4 (The Search -Part 1)

I’m excited to announce that I’ve been asked to join a group of super bloggers on a brand new blog called Serial Central.  No, they don’t wear capes…as far as I know, but they are a talented group and I am pleased to join with them on this venture to post a story segment every day of the week.  Saturday is still my day.  Check out Serial Central for the authors and schedules as well as author bios and story teasers.  Lua kicks off the story telling on Monday, August 23rd.

Because of this new venture, I’ll post half segments here for the next few weeks.  By October 9th, the segments should be synced up between the blogs.  At that time, I’ll link to full segments posted on Serial Central.

Without further delay, here’s part 1 of the fourth posting of Kharma’s Way.  (Yep.  There’s a really good chance I’m going to mess this up at some point before October).  If you missed the other installments, you can find them under the Saturday AM Serial tab.  Comments welcome 🙂 


“Can I help you?” the perky blonde-haired woman behind the counter asked with a broad smile.

“I hope so.  I’m looking for a man-“

“Sweetie, aren’t we all?” she interrupted.

Somehow I doubted that she had trouble finding a man.  First of all, she was a petite blonde and her assets were accentuated by her snug-fitting pale pink t-shirt emblazoned with “hunting season” in rhinestones across her chest and her skin-tight pink and gray camouflage pants.  She also worked in a popular hunting and sporting store in Phoenix, which I’m sure gave her access to plenty of men.  Part of me wanted to drop something on the floor to see if her attire would let her bend down to pick it up, but I didn’t have time for side entertainment.

“The man I’m trying to find is about six feet tall with dark hair and green eyes.  He’s an outdoor type with an athletic build.”

“You might want to expand your tastes.  With traits that specific, you’d have better luck engineering him yourself.”  She chuckled at her own joke.

I took a deep breath and exhaled to keep my patience in check.  I handed her a picture I pulled out of the front pocket of my purse. “Have you seen him?”

She looked confused.  For a second, I swore I saw something else in her expression.  “He’s hot, but you look, like totally different here.”

“That’s not me,” I snapped.  “Can you just focus on the man?  Have you seen him?”

She shrugged her shoulders.  “Looks like most of the men that come in here.”  She handed me the picture and turned away, officially dismissing me.

“Thank you for your time,” I said cheerfully.  I took a look around and saw three other men, all sporting beer guts, so I knew immediately that I had a liar on my hands.

I headed for the door when a shy-looking girl with glasses stopped me.  “I overheard your conversation with Darla.  Can I see the picture?” 

I strained to hear her words and finally pieced together her request.  Gill wouldn’t approach this clerk; she was much too plain.  But since I was already here, why not?  I handed her the picture. 

As she studied the picture, I imagined that a lighter shade of brown might brighten her face up more than the obviously dyed coal black color she currently wore. 

She smiled.  “Darla’s lying.  He was here yesterday.  Her shameless flirting made the rest of us nauseous.”

“Thank you.”  I paused to check her nametag.  “Janette, I appreciate your help.”  Google didn’t give me anything on Arthur Jansen, but now I knew I had the right part of town.  Small victory.

“He bought a forty-four and binoculars,” Janette said softly.

I stopped.  “Excuse me?”

“Uh, well…in case you’re interested, he bought a forty-four and binoculars.  I didn’t hear what he was hunting though.”

I felt light-headed.  Paranoia set in because I wondered if he was onto me.  Sarena could be right–maybe he was hunting me.

Continued Next Week…


6 thoughts on “Announcement & Saturday Morning Serial – Kharma’s Way – Post 4 (The Search -Part 1)

    • jannatwrites August 21, 2010 / 4:58 PM

      I do love Saturdays – I’ve never written a short story (and this one isn’t even done), but I like to hear that others enjoy it so far. Thanks 🙂

  1. Lua August 21, 2010 / 11:43 PM

    “I hope so. I’m looking for a man-“
    “Sweetie, aren’t we all?”

    Haha Jenna- I love this! 🙂 Great part; binoculars hımmm… Maybe he is hunting her? Oh well, we’ll just have to wait and see!

    I’m super excited about tomorrow- yay Serial Central! 🙂

    • jannatwrites August 22, 2010 / 12:06 PM

      Glad you liked it, Lua! I too, am excited for Serial Central…and I will definitely check out your story 🙂

  2. Kavita August 30, 2010 / 5:42 PM

    I know i should have read this last Saturday.. but.. well, excuses excuses.. but here I am now! And this is so interesting, that I am already off to read part 5!

    • jannatwrites August 30, 2010 / 8:21 PM

      Kavita, it’s actually good that you read them together because that’s how I originally wrote it. I only split it up to drag it out until Serial Central catches up!

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