Housekeeping (a.k.a. Procrastination)

Checking out other people’s blogs forced me to come to the realization that mine needs some work.  I’ve seen some great writing pages, ‘About Me’ pages and interesting content.  I can’t do much about the blog post content…it is what it is, but my goal this weekend is to set up additional pages on my blog.  I have no idea how to do this, but I’m reasonably intelligent and have confidence I can figure out it.  Just in case I’m giving myself too much credit in the smarts category, I won’t give myself a time restriction.

There is another reason for the mini-blog makeover.  I’m sort of procrastinating on getting back into writing my second novel.  The scene I worked on last time needs help and I’m not really in the mood to fuss with it.  Oddly enough, my procrastination technique works fairly well because sometimes and idea will pop into my head while I’m doing something else.  (Unfortunately, if I don’t have a pen and paper handy to immediately write it down, the idea ends up in the thought graveyard with all the other stuff I’ve forgotten.)

As for the status on my second novel, I’m way behind my goal (right now, I should be up to about page 110, but I’m only on page 56).  My original plan was to have a polished novel by February, when I hoped to attend a writer’s conference in San Francisco.  I don’t have the money to go to that one (hotel is $250 a night, plus travel and registration).  Instead, I’m going to keep an eye out for something closer to home.  So much for my plans – it makes me think of the saying: “Man plans, God laughs.”  I must be great entertainment for him.


6 thoughts on “Housekeeping (a.k.a. Procrastination)

  1. Lua July 9, 2010 / 10:39 PM

    Sometimes when I get stuck while writing my novel, I do something else; write a blog post, pick up the dry cleaning, go for a walk with the dogs and the solution, the ideas just come to my head when I stop chasing after them. Hope the mini-makeover for the blog will help you get your creative flow back! I’m curious to see the changes, I’m sure it’ll look great 🙂

    • jannatwrites July 10, 2010 / 12:40 AM

      Lua – thanks for the support! I guess procrastination can be a good thing if used carefully. At the rate I’m going, the makeover may be very slight, but it won’t be for lack of trying 🙂

  2. Brown Eyed Mystic July 10, 2010 / 12:23 AM

    Aww, c’on Janna. You don’t have to lose heart, you’re fantabulous, as ever! 😉

    Oh, and let me know if I can be of any help with the blog make-over 🙂


    • jannatwrites July 10, 2010 / 12:45 AM

      BrownEyed – Thanks for the super-nice comment! Also, thanks for your offer to help, but I fear I may be beyond help. Either I just don’t understand instructions or I’m trying to do something that can’t be done without more expertise. I want a ‘Random Writings’ page where I can put miscellaneous poems or stories that I don’t want to show on my Home page. Any ideas??

  3. 2blu2btru July 10, 2010 / 8:39 AM

    I mostly view blogs from my phone at work, lol, so all the bells and whistles get lost on me until the weekend. My blog isn’t much to look at, either. I know nothing of html or css or anything that could be used aesthetically on a blog. I just learned to link.

    I keep pen and paper everywhere–in my purse, in my desk at work, strategically around the house…which means I have pieces of stuff written everywhere…not good for putting a whole story together, lol…but at least I know my great idea is somewhere, if I can just locate the right notebook!

    • jannatwrites July 10, 2010 / 11:21 AM

      I guess I should clarify – the mini-makeover doesn’t include bells and whistles because I don’t know how. I just wanted to add a couple more pages and see if I could figure out links. The one page got boring, so I thought adding another page or two might be fun. By they way, I like your blog and I don’t think you need to change anything because it has several pages with lots of good stuff to read!

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