Opportunities, Not Problems

Okay, after a lot of confusion and flipping back and forth, I determined my novel was women’s fiction / suspense.  Great, right?

Not so fast.  There’s been something bugging me about my query and synopsis.  I finally figured out what it is (after I’ve sent them out to a few agents, of course): my latest query and synopsis are geared toward the mystery part of plot rather than the emotional turmoil and character relationships that are a big part of the story.  Why did I do this?  Why did it take me so long to figure it out?  I don’t know…

I hate the idea, but I’ve got to rework my query and synopsis…again.  Bummer.  (What else can I say?)  In true procrastinator’s fashion, I will get to this later.  After <(insert anything here)>.  I’d cry, but I’m too busy laughing.  It’s possible I’m going crazy, but I’m in no mental state to make that determination.

I do have another problem opportunity, though.  (Well, I have more than one, but I’ll just address the writing one here).  Many agents want to know similar books/authors so they know how to market it.  I’ve read Romance, Mystery, Chick-Lit, but mine doesn’t fit neatly in any of these areas. 

Right now, here’s what my description would be:  “it’s suspense, but lighter than Mary Higgins Clark, it has the humor of a Julie Garwood book (minus the romance) and an easy read like Hank Phillipe Ryan, but not quite as chick-lit-ish.”  Yeah.  Smooth.  Could you imagine that on a query? 

To clarify, I don’t think I’m so original that I’ve created this complex work which can’t be compared to anything else – I know it’s out there, but I haven’t found it yet.  I’ve got a few authors to check out though.

My mission this weekend is to get my hands on some women’s fiction mysteries to see if I discover my book’s peers.  The guys of the house will have to tackle the freezer and fend for themselves; I’m going away for the weekend, metaphorically speaking. 🙂


3 thoughts on “Opportunities, Not Problems

  1. Lua June 19, 2010 / 12:22 AM

    I don’t know why we had this delusion that writing the book was actually the hard part of the process??! 🙂
    Don’t be frustrated about it though- at least you realized where you went wrong an will work to fix it! I’m still trying to figure out what genre my book belongs to… So far all I got is; romance/suspense/literary/multicultural fiction… Oh boy…

    • jannatwrites June 19, 2010 / 9:31 PM

      Lua – sounds like we’re in the same boat. Somehow, it does feel better to know that I’m not alone. We’ll get it figured out…right?

      • Lua June 20, 2010 / 9:32 AM

        I truly believe we will! We’re in this together 😉

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