More than once during my lifetime, I’ve wished I could be a cat.  Not just any cat, though; some cats have rough lives.  I wanted to be one of my cats.

I get up to go to work – the cat sleeps in bed.  I get home from work – the cat is still asleep.  The only evidence of movement is an empty food dish and full litter box.  Yep.  Being a cat would definitely be a good life.

Last night, I saw something else that made me want to be more like cats:  tenacity.  That’s a good trait to have, no matter what species you are.  You see, we had this annoying fly in our house and for hours, Sammy and Lizzie chased this fly.  They waited.  They stalked.  They pounced.  They missed.  Then, they did it all over again.  There were no temper tantrums, no frustration because they failed – and no quitting.  Sure, I’d like to be more like a cat because I can’t say that I work at something for that long without frustration.

Some might say the cats exhibited stupidity rather than tenacity by chasing a fly for almost two hours.  Although they didn’t appear intelligent when they slid off the table or ran into the wall, in their defense, I’d say that stupidity is not even attempting something at all.

By the way, one of them eventually did get that fly.   

Here’s where I stop wanting to be like cats; I surely wouldn’t enjoy the taste of flies 🙂

Note:  No cats lost any sleep during the taking of these photos.


2 thoughts on “Tenacity

  1. Lua June 16, 2010 / 10:58 PM

    Haha it’s good to be a house cat! 🙂
    My Yorkie, Chuck is the one with the tenacity in our house, I know he can chase anything for hours and he doesn’t really care if anyone thinks he looks stupid or not! If he’s not chasing something or pulling his brother Apple’s ear, he’s sleeping… 🙂

    • jannatwrites June 17, 2010 / 5:34 PM

      Lua, there’s a lesson I can learn from Chuck: don’t worry about what others think. (I guess the other lesson is that being a Yorkie isn’t so bad either)!

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