Oh, Yellow Sponge…Get Out Of My Brain!

The last couple days of query revisions have just about driven me nuts.  I submitted a draft and a rewrite for peer review and neither one fared so well (I’m on my eleventh version, but thankfully, no one else has seen many of the others).  I think I have something decent now, but I’ll read it again tomorrow to make sure it’s coherent.

There is one thing that’s messing with my concentration tonight and I wish I could get a brain cleanse or take some kind of pill to fix it.  You see, my kids watched Sponge Bob Square Pants this morning and I can’t get the theme song <Are you ready kids?  Aye, aye Captain!> out of my head.  No matter how much I try, <I can’t hear you!  Aye, aye Captain!> I keep coming back to it.  I’m writing the hook to my query with words finally ordered in a non-clunky way <Oh, who lives in a pineapple under the sea?> Dang it.  It’s gone.  Okay, moving along to the calendar for novel number two.  Do I want it to end in June or April? <Sponge Bob Square Pants!>  Fine.  I’ll come back to that later.  Back to my query.  Do I want to use “left to save herself” or “left to outsmart her captor”? <Absorbent and yellow and porous is he>  Oooooh!  Who am I going to soak in bleach and wring into a stretched out mass?  You got it, <Sponge Bob Square Pants>!

Now, to make the punishment of the song replaying in my brain even more miserable, these are all the lyrics I know because this is the point where I do whatever it takes to make it stop.  So, my brain replays these words over…and over…and over…PLEASE, STOP!  (With my fists full of hair, I’m pleading with God – like he’s going to do anything to cease his entertainment). <Are you ready kids?   Aye, aye Captain!>  Uh-oh.  Here it goes again…

I’m looking for a new annoying song to replace this one.  Does anyone have any suggestions?


2 thoughts on “Oh, Yellow Sponge…Get Out Of My Brain!

    • jannatwrites June 5, 2010 / 9:29 PM

      I read her post. There must be something in the air…at least hers didn’t come from a cartoon!

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