Non-Political View – AZ

This blog is dedicated to my writing world, but today, I have to write about something that’s on my mind.  I have to get it out of my head so I can settle into the imaginary world I’m painting in my novels (which is a happier place than the real world, by the way)!

I’m concerned with what’s going on in my home state of Arizona.  I won’t address political or constitutional issues; I’m smart enough to know that I can’t pose an intelligent, knowledgeable argument on either.  Though there is a problem in Arizona with illegal immigration and drugs, I don’t know how the two are correlated and I certainly don’t have the answer on how to ‘fix’ what’s wrong.  (I’m the type of person who avoids criticizing unless I can offer an alternate solution).

I worry about the future of Arizona and the country because of the emotional toll that these battles (drugs/immigration) have taken.  This wedge divides our diverse population and politics makes the rift deeper.  I see more and more anger, resentment and hatred and diminishing harmony, kindness and empathy. 

I pray for the strength to resist the negativity and I pray for peace.


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