Query Letter – 1st Novel

I’m still working on my latest manuscript revision, but have also done another version of my query letter.   

My first problem with the QL is literary agents’ reaction to queries is completely subjective, as evidenced by the inconsistent reviews I’ve come across on the web.  Some agents cite questions in a query as a definite don’t, but others show successful queries with questions.  Some agents want the genre and word count on the first line, others want it at the end of the query.  I’ve seen information that agents want to see ‘fresh’ and ‘unique’, but not gimmicky.  It seems like there could be a fine line between the two.  I get that it’s probably not a good idea to send a toy gun with my murder mystery query or end a query like I’m fifteen and texting my BFF about a book that’s PANS. PCM. (Sad to say, I actually had to look up the texting acronyms…I think I just wrote “texting my best friend forever about a book that’s pretty awesome new stuff.  Please call me”).

Second problem is that I know it’s a marketing tool and I have to grab the agent’s attention – quickly.  I’m over thinking it and I suck at promoting myself.  I’ve always downplayed my skills on resumes because I don’t like to brag (even though I know you’re supposed to brag *truthfully* on a resume).  This is something I need to get over.  Hey, I just got an idea…my Mom always says great things about me; maybe she can write my query!



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