Genre – Women’s Fiction/Suspense

I have to admit, I’m easily confused by the lines that separate some genres.  I’ve done a bazillion Google searches on the subject and, just when I think I’ve got it down, I get confused again.  At first, I thought of my novel as suspense because that’s the core of the story.  I’ve read a lot of Mary Higgins Clark books (she’s the ‘Queen of Suspense’) and my story follows the same type of format. 

The problem:  my story is lighter, has several humorous scenes, and issues women work through are a big part of the story:  loss of a spouse, raising children, friendships and discovering inner strength, as well as learning when to ask for help .  (This is where the women’s fiction comes in).  The main character in my book is forced to admit she needs help and ask for it.  She has trouble with this because she detests the idea of being a helpless woman in need of rescue. 

Note to self:  help is not rescuing and doesn’t indicate weakness.  It’s simply assistance and everyone needs it at one time or another.


2 thoughts on “Genre – Women’s Fiction/Suspense

  1. Brown Eyed Mystic May 4, 2010 / 10:26 PM

    Reads like an interesting concept to me. I wish you luck with the novel. Shall visit more often.


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