Writers Conferences

My goal this year is to choose a writer’s conference to attend next year.  I’ve never been to one and I think it would be a great experience to meet other writers, agents and editors.  It would also be a great personal growth experience because the idea scares me.  I’m pretty shy around new people and I think if I spent that much money to attend a conference, I’d definitely be motivated to get out there and talk to someone…anyone!  I still have more research to do, especially determining which literary agents I’d like to approach.  

I can start the agent research now because my novel’s identity crisis is over ( described in my 3/31 blog post).  I’ve figured out it’s women’s fiction/suspense, so I’m starting with agents who are interested in the genre.  It’s a nice break from the intense scrutiny of my novel editing.

Speaking of my novel – I’m about ¾ of the way done with this revision and anticipate completing within the next two weeks.  Then, after a break, I’ll read it again (I think it’ll be number three or four).  If I fall asleep, I’m in trouble.  If I don’t, I may have an okay novel on my hands.


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