I have a weakness for sales (bargains) and I also have a thing for Bath and Body Works products; this is a dangerous combination.

Today, I received an email announcing $1 shipping for two days only.  Oooh! Have to hurry…it won’t last long.  I actually browsed the website and considered making a purchase.  Luckily, the rational part of my brain stopped me from doing something stupid; like clicking ‘Add to Cart’. 

You see, if I actually made another purchase, I wouldn’t have anywhere to put it.  I already have 7 foaming anti-bacterial hand soaps, 2 bottles of shampoo and conditioner, 3 shower gels and 10 bottles of scented body lotion.  Really, I don’t smell that bad.

I got myself in this mess during two ill-fated trips into the store (I’m pretty sure I have ‘sucker’ stamped on my forehead).  Both times, I used coupons for $10 off a purchase and got roped into the ‘buy two, get three free’ promotion.  It gets me every time; I’m a marketer’s dream.  Unfortunately, that also makes me my husband’s nightmare.


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