I’m about halfway through my latest novel revision.  Tonight, I feel a little discouraged, so I wanted to write about my dream. 

My day job pays the bills while my heart follows a dream.  My mind says pursuing a writing career is impractical, even insane, but my heart, with every beat, urges me to try…try…try…

Long ago, I tucked the dream away in a nice little box and moved on with my life.  With husband and kids, I dutifully earned wages doing work I liked, but felt no passion.  Through the years, I turned to education to show me the way, to make me a better employee, to learn more about everything. 

For many years, I ignored a question nagging at me:  What am I supposed to do with my life? 

I finally realized what was missing and I let my dream breathe again.  I started my novel and a spiral notebook of future characters and book ideas.  Some days, chasing my dream is a passion; other days it’s more of an obsession.  Either way, it gives me hope.


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