Identity Crisis

I’m having a crisis of sorts:  I can’t figure out who I am. 

I know my name; I got that a long time ago, but I don’t know in which genre I belong.  Women’s lit (also known as ‘chick-lit)? Suspense? Romantic Suspense?  Aaargh!  At least I know what I’m not:

– Fantasy (unless being published is only likely in a parallel universe)

– Sci-Fi (no alien abductions or robot creatures here)

– Category Romance (not even one ‘lusty release of inhibitions’)

– Horror (only if the plot and character development are atrocious)

Oh! I have to go – it’s almost show time.  Every night she sits at the keyboard for hours writing and rewriting, trimming, and shaping so I’ll fit neatly into a box.  Maybe tonight my author will discover my destined genre.  How exciting – wish me luck!

Ciao for now,

Draft manuscript


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